The JV basketball team has been extremely successful over the past few seasons and has provided the varsity team with several strong players. Coaches Mike Kalin and Ted Hurley strive to perfect the fundamentals in each player and ensure that each practice is enjoyable and effective. The team plays 16 season games against ISL and non-ISL teams.

The game schedule has not been finalized for this team.

12/09/2022Belmont Hill School 
01/07/2023Thayer Academy 
01/13/2023Tabor Academy 
01/17/2023The Fessenden School 
01/20/2023Lawrence Academy 
01/25/2023St. Sebastian’s School 
01/27/2023Roxbury Latin School 
01/28/2023Lawrence Boys and Girls Club 
02/01/2023St. George's 
02/10/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
02/15/2023St. Mark's 
02/17/2023Rivers School 
02/22/2023Governor’s Academy 
02/25/2023Milton Academy 

The roster for this team has not been finalized.