The Nobles girls crew program has a rich tradition, and is one of the leading programs in the ISL. In 2017, the team finished equal first on points at the New England Championships and won the 1st Varsity Fours at the National Scholastic Championships. The program features varsity and junior varsity levels of competition. The Bulldogs race fours with a coxswain. Last year we race as many as 8 fours each weekend in Spring. The team competes as part of the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association. This league continues to be considered by college rowing coaches as a “hot-bed” for top prospects. In the last 5 years, 12 Nobles Girls Crew graduates have gone on to row at the top college programs in NCAA Division I and Division III. 


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04/15/20232:00-6:00 PMGV and GJV Crew vs. Brooks (A)Lake Cochichewick
04/22/20233:00-6:00 PMGV Crew and GJV Crew vs. BB&N (A) and Groton BB&N, Groton & RL 
04/29/20233:30-6:00 PMGV Crew and GJV Crew vs. St. Mark's (A)Lake Quinsigamond
05/06/20231:00-2:30 PMGV Crew and GJV Crew vs. Winsor (A) The Winsor School
05/13/20233:00-6:30 PMGV Crew and GJV vs. NHM and Choate (A)Northfield Mount Hermon School 
05/17/20233:30-5:00 PMGJV Crew vs. Brooks (H)Stoller Boat House 
05/20/20238:00-5:00 PMGV Crew vs. USRowing Regatta (A)Lake Quinsigamond
05/21/20238:00-5:00 PMGV Crew vs. USRowing Regatta (A)Lake Quinsigamond
05/24/20232:00-6:00 PMGJV Crew vs. Groton (A)Groton
05/27/20238:00-5:00 PMGV Crew vs. NEIRA (A)Lake Quinsigamond
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
09/01/20228:00-9:00 AMAthletics Calendar Fake Event  
03/27/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
03/28/20233:45-5:45 PMGV Crew  
03/29/20232:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
03/30/20233:45-5:45 PMGV Crew  
03/31/20233:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/03/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/04/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/05/20232:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/06/20233:45-5:45 PMGV Crew  
04/07/20233:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/10/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/11/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/12/20232:00-5:00 PMGV CrewStoller Boat House 
04/13/20233:45-5:45 PMGV Crew  
04/14/20233:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/18/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/20/20233:45-5:45 PMGV Crew  
04/21/20233:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/24/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/25/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/27/20233:15-5:15 PMGV Crew  
04/28/20233:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
05/02/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/03/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Crew  
05/08/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/09/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/10/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Crew  
05/15/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/16/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/17/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Crew  
05/22/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/23/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/24/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Crew  

04/22/2023BB&N, Groton & RL
04/29/2023St. Mark's
05/06/2023The Winsor School
05/13/2023Northfield Mount Hermon School
05/20/2023NE Regional Regatta
05/21/2023NE Regional Regatta

The roster for this team has not been finalized.