Drexel University


For two intensive weeks, while living on campus at Drexel University, you'll experience what it's like to study architecture in college. You'll attend classes taught by Drexel Architecture faculty members in studios and computer labs used by Drexel architecture students. You'll go on field trips to significant architectural sites in Philadelphia, hear lectures by distinguished speakers, and, working closely with an instructor, you'll try your hand at architectural design. Our program will introduce you to this fascinating profession. During the summer, while Drexel architecture students are on vacation, we're opening their studio and other facilities to a group of high school students who want to experience what education and work are like in the field of architecture. You will visit prominent architectural offices and meet architects on the job. You'll have a chance to see first-hand the types of projects architects work on, how they go about it, and the environment of an architectural office. With the historic city of Philadelphia at your doorstep, you'll be practically living in an architectural classroom. Almost every day you'll explore some part of the city. You'll discover magnificent buildings, squares, parks, and museums. And along the way you'll also see Philadelphia's traditional houses and neighborhoods, learn about its history, and tune into the rhythms of city life.