The Nobles baseball program has had a proud and rich tradition over the past several decades. Nobles baseball competes in the talent laded ISL (Independent School League) which is traditionally known as one of the strongest prep school leagues in the New England Area. The baseball team plays a very competitive 22 game schedule (15 ISL League games) while also facing several other formidable non-league opponents throughout New England, such as Pingree, Cushing Academy, Marianapolis Prep, Kent School, and Austin Prep.

There are two levels of play for baseball players to participate in while at Nobles (Varsity and Junior Level (grades 7-9). Every player at each level will receive outstanding coaching and will be provided with the opportunity to learn, develop, and improve their baseball skills daily. The baseball program has been built on the belief that a team that is fundamentally sound and mentally tough is hard to beat. Nobles Baseball players are expected to be tentative and focused on not only becoming the best student-athlete but also the best all-around person they can be. Players are expected to act in a manner both on and off the field that their team, their school, and their family can be proud of.

During Coach Murray's tenure at Nobles, he has sent (41) players on to play at colleges such as Amherst, Babson, Bates, Bowdoin, Bryant, Claremont-McKenna, Dartmouth, Hamilton, LeMoyne, Loyola-Marymount, Maine, Michigan, Pitt, Pomona-Pitzer, Siena, Stonehill, Trinity, Tufts, UMass, Union, Williams, William & Mary, US Naval Academy, Virginia Tech and Villanova. Woody Bryson ’12 (Villanova) signed as a free agent in 2016 with the New York Yankees and Ben Rice '18 was drafted in the 12th round (2021) out of Dartmouth by the NY Yankees.




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04/06/202410:30-12:30 PMV Baseball vs. Lawrence (A)St. Sebastian's School
04/08/20246:00-8:00 PMBV Baseball vs. Cushing (A)New England Baseball Complex
04/10/20243:30-5:30 PMV Baseball vs. Middlesex (H)Nobles-'49/Greene Field
04/13/20242:30-4:30 PMV Baseball vs. Rivers (H)Nobles-'49/Greene Field
04/17/20244:00-6:00 PMV Baseball vs. Governor's (A)Governor's Academy 
04/19/20243:30-5:30 PMV Baseball vs. Suffiled (A)Dunkin Donuts Park
04/20/20241:00-3:00 PMBV Baseball vs. Roxbury Latin (A)Roxbury Latin School
04/24/20243:00-5:00 PMV Baseball vs. Brooks (H)Nobles-'49/Greene Field
04/26/20245:00-7:00 PMBV Baseball vs. Pingree (A)Pingree School
04/27/20241:00-3:00 PMV Baseball vs. Thayer (H)Nobles-'79 Field
05/02/20244:45-6:45 PMV Baseball vs. Belmont Hill (A)Belmont HIll 
05/04/20243:00-5:00 PMV Baseball vs Tabor (A)Tabor 
05/07/20244:30-6:30 PMV Baseball vs. BB&N (H)Nobles-'79 Field
05/10/20244:30-6:00 PMBV Baseball vs. Marianapolis Prep (H)Nobles-'49/Greene Field
05/11/20241:00-3:00 PMV Baseball vs. St. Seb's (H)Nobles-'79 Field
05/14/20245:00-7:00 PMV Baseball vs. Middlesex (H)Nobles-'79 Field
05/18/20241:00-3:00 PMV Baseball vs. St. Mark's (A)Roxbury Latin School
05/23/20244:15-6:15 PMCANCELLED: BV Baseball vs. Austin Prep (H) CANCELLEDNobles-'79 Field
05/24/20244:45-6:45 PMV Baseball vs. Milton Academy (A)Mini Bus 25
03/05/20243:30-5:00 PMV BaseballMAC Richardson 
03/06/20243:00-5:30 PMV BaseballMAC Richardson 
03/07/20243:30-6:00 PMV BaseballMAC Richardson 
03/18/20249:00-12:00 PMV Baseballoff campus 
03/18/20242:00-4:00 PMV Baseballoff campus 
03/23/202411:00-1:00 PMV BaseballOn Campus 
03/25/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
03/26/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
03/27/20243:00-5:00 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
03/28/20244:00-5:15 PMV BaseballMAC Richardson 
03/29/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
03/30/20249:00-11:00 AMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/01/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/02/20243:45-5:45 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/04/20243:45-5:45 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/05/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/09/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/11/20243:45-5:45 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/12/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/15/20243:30-5:00 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/16/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/18/20243:45-5:45 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/22/20243:45-5:45 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/23/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/25/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
04/30/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/02/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/03/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/06/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/07/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/08/20242:45-4:15 PMV BaseballOn Campus 
05/09/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/13/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/16/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/17/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/20/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 
05/21/20243:30-5:30 PMV BaseballNobles-'79 Field 

04/06/2024Lawrence Academy
04/08/2024Cushing Academy
04/10/2024Middlesex School
04/13/2024Rivers School
04/17/2024Governor's Academy
04/19/2024Suffield Academy
04/20/2024Roxbury Latin School
04/26/2024Pingree School
04/27/2024Thayer Academy
05/02/2024Belmont HIll
05/07/2024Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
05/10/2024Marianapolis Prep
05/11/2024St. Sebastian's School
05/14/2024Middlesex School
05/18/2024ISL Tournament
05/23/2024Austin Preparatory School
05/24/2024Milton Academy

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Bianchi, MacScituate103
Catlin, RiggsDedham129
Cox, EthanWestborough1114
Crowe, KeeganHopkinton111
Friedman, EitanWaban921
Gallan, ShaneStoughton1116
Henebry, ColeMedfield919
Li, SamChestnut Hill12MGR
Maltacea, LukeMarblehead116
Manz, EmilioSouthborough1120
Matsuzaka, TakeruWaban104
Murray, JackDedham107
Ortiz, SebastianNorwood1213
Parkinson, OscarWellesley118
Reynolds, CalderWellesley12MGR
Rose, AlastairNeedham1212
Roumain, ZachDover92
Warren, DanNorfolk911
Watts, SeanMedfield115
Xing, WilliamWeston1118
Yee, JaydenWestborough1110