The Nobles girls crew program has a rich tradition, and is one of the leading programs in the ISL. In 2017, the team finished equal first on points at the New England Championships and won the 1st Varsity Fours at the National Scholastic Championships. The program features varsity and junior varsity levels of competition. The Bulldogs race fours with a coxswain. Last year we race as many as 8 fours each weekend in Spring. The team competes as part of the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association. This league continues to be considered by college rowing coaches as a “hot-bed” for top prospects. In the last 5 years, 12 Nobles Girls Crew graduates have gone on to row at the top college programs in NCAA Division I and Division III. 


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04/13/20243:00-7:00 PMGV and GJV Crew vs. Brooks (A)Lake Cochichewick
04/20/20243:00-6:00 PMGV Crew and GJV Crew vs. BB&N & Groton (A)Charles River
04/27/202412:00-12:00 AMGV Crew and GJV Crew vs. St. Mark's, NCDS, & Brewster (A) Lake Quinsigamond
05/04/202412:00-12:00 AMGV Crew and GJV Crew vs. Winsor (A)The Winsor School
05/11/20241:00-5:00 PMGV Crew and GJV (A)Northfield Mount Hermon School 
05/15/20243:00-5:00 PMCANCELLED: GJV Crew vs. Groton (A) CANCELLEDBrooks
05/18/20241:00-12:00 AMGV Crew vs. Pomfret, Middlesex, Hopkins & Dexter (A) Blodgett Boathouse
05/22/202412:00-12:00 AMGJV Crew vs. JV Invitational: Belmont Hill, Groton, Middlesex & St. Mark's (A)Groton
05/25/202412:00-12:00 AMGV Crew vs. NEIRA - Varsity Only (A)NEIRA
03/25/20243:30-5:30 PMGV CrewOff Campus 
03/26/20243:30-5:30 PMGV CrewOff Campus 
03/27/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
03/28/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
03/29/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/01/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/02/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/03/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/04/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/05/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/08/20243:45-5:45 PMGV Crew  
04/09/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/10/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/11/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/12/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/15/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/16/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/17/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/18/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/19/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/22/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/23/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/24/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
04/25/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/26/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
04/30/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/01/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
05/02/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/03/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/06/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/07/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/08/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
05/09/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/10/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/13/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/14/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/15/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
05/16/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/17/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/20/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/21/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  
05/22/20242:00-5:00 PMGV Crew  
05/23/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Crew  

04/20/2024BB&N & Groton
04/27/2024St. Mark's, Newton Country Day School & Brewster
05/04/2024The Winsor School
05/18/2024Pomfret , Middlesex , Hopkins & Dexter
05/22/2024Belmont Hill, Groton, Middlesex & St. Mark's (A)

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Andrews, EmilieWeston11 
Anousis, AngelicaQuincy12 
Berger, EllaWellesley12 
Branco, SofiaHanover12 
Bromley, LilyCarlisle9 
Charity, OliviaJamaica Plain11 
Cheng, SharonWellesley9 
Chu, MiaNewton10 
Curran, CatherineWellesley10 
Dean, AddyHyde Park12 
Delinsky, RubyWeston10 
Durfee, JuliaWalpole12 
Edgar, EmmaWaltham10 
Farb, LeahChestnut Hill10 
Feng, AngieSherborn12 
Finkelstein, EmmaWellesley10 
Frankel, RaquelBrookline11 
Gibbons, LoganMillis12 
Guo, AllieNewton12 
Hamilton, CateWest Newton11 
Hartford, AbbyHyde Park9 
Hayward, CharlotteWeston12 
Hoffmeister, IzzieWest Newton9 
Kalvelage, SophieDedham9 
Kelleher, JosieBrookline11 
Klevens, TaliaWest Newton9 
Kong, BellaMedfield10 
Lane, ValerieNewton11 
Lewis, TessaChestnut Hill11 
Maley, PaytonMedfield9 
Marconi, SienaBoston10 
Morales, KiraWellesley9 
Munger, SierraDedham10 
Park, AllisonNewton11 
Parrinello, AnnieStow10 
Peters, OliviaNewton9 
Schelter, CeCeWest Roxbury11 
Seck, SeynabouDedham9 
Shih, EvieWaban9 
Simmons, GabbyBrockton11 
Somerville, KateWellesley Hills8 
Stern, SashaWaban11 
Struzziery, ClareCohasset11 
Swords, MairinBoston9 
Thomas, BrennaWeston10 
Waldert, CharlotteWest Roxbury11 
Wang, RachaelBelmont10 
Wei, KateLexington12 
Wildeman, ClaraBraintree10 
You, MichelaLexington9 
Zhou, AlexaNewton9