Middle school boys soccer perfectly models the balance of skill-development and laughter lives on all the middle school athletic fields. Players pick up a strong enthusiasm and competitive energy early on as they head into their fall schedule, and they work hard each day at practice to improve their skills and have fun whilst doing so. Coach Averill fosters an environment that allows his players to take risks at practice without fearing failure, and has had success in doing so in the past 25 years. 


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09/20/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. St. Sebastian's (A)St. Sebastian's School
09/22/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Rivers (H)Nobles-Mason Field
09/27/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Belmont Hill (H)Nobles-Mason Field
09/29/20233:45-4:45 PMCANCELLED: MS Boys Soccer vs. Fay (A) CANCELLEDFay
10/02/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. St. Sebastian's (H)Nobles-Mason Field
10/05/20233:45-4:45 PM MS Boys Soccer vs. Thayer (A)Thayer Academy
10/10/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Park (H)Nobles-Mason Field
10/13/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Fenn (H)Nobles-Mason Field
10/18/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Roxbury Latin (H)Nobles-Almy Field
10/20/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Dexter-Southfield (A)Dexter Southfield
10/25/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Dexter Southfield (A)Dexter Southfield
10/31/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. BB&N (H)Nobles-Mason Field
11/08/20233:30-4:30 PMCANCELLED: MS Boys Soccer vs. Roxbury Prep (H) CANCELLEDNobles-Mason Field
11/10/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Boys Soccer vs. Milton Academy (H)Nobles-Mason Field
09/06/20232:00-3:00 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/07/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/08/20232:45-3:45 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/11/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/12/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/13/20232:00-3:00 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/14/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/15/20232:45-3:45 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/19/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/20/20232:00-3:00 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/21/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/26/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/27/20232:00-2:45 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/28/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/29/20232:45-3:45 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/02/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/03/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/04/20232:00-3:00 PMBMS SoccerGrid Space 
10/05/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/06/20232:45-3:45 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/10/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerGrid Space 
10/11/20232:00-3:00 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/12/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/13/20232:45-3:45 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/17/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/18/20232:00-3:00 PMBMS SoccerGrid Space 
10/19/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/20/20232:45-3:30 PMBMS SoccerGrid Space 
10/23/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/24/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/25/20232:00-3:00 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/26/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/27/20232:45-3:45 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/31/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
11/02/20233:10-4:10 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
11/06/20233:05-4:05 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
11/07/20233:05-4:05 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
11/08/20231:15-2:15 PMBMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
11/09/20233:05-4:05 PMBMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 

09/20/2023St. Sebastian's School
09/22/2023Rivers School
09/27/2023Belmont Hill School
10/02/2023St. Sebastian's School
10/05/2023Thayer Academy
10/10/2023Park School
10/13/2023The Fenn School
10/18/2023Roxbury Latin School
10/20/2023Dexter Southfield
10/25/2023Dexter Southfield
10/31/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
11/08/2023Roxbury Prep
11/10/2023Milton Academy

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Barrack-Anidi, NathenFramingham7 
Callahan, ConnorNeedham7 
Carlson, RyderBoston8 
Encarnacion, EthanBrighton8 
Escobar, SebastianBoston7 
Finkelstein, AndrewWellesley8 
Forteith, DrewWestwood7 
Fried, LeonNewton8 
Gilbane, HughChestnut Hill7 
Govindarajan, SanjitHolliston8 
Hamilton, HenryWest Newton8 
Hazen, HenryBoston8 
Higgins, ChristopherWeston7 
Hirzel, ArthurWeston7 
Hirzel, TheoWeston7 
Kumin, JaxBoston7 
Mabry, TakodaNeedham7 
Perez Valera, JowellHyde Park7 
Robbins, SamDedham8 
Santry, JackWaban8 
Shankar, SidWellesley7 
Trinque, MajorBrookline8 
Wang, EvanWayland7 
Wember, EliWellesley7 
Willett, JackWeston7 
Wu, TonyWest Newton8 
You, MichaelLexington8