Middle school girls soccer allows younger players to develop skills whilst building ties to their classmates early in the year. This camaraderie helps the girls have fun while also playing competitively, modeling what the remainder of their careers in our girls soccer program will look like once they develop further. These young girls are taught to fulfill their potential as both athletes and leaders. 


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09/20/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Rivers (A)Rivers School
09/21/20233:45-4:45 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Thayer (H)Nobles-Mason Field
09/27/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Dexter Southfield (A)Dexter Southfield
10/05/20233:45-4:45 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Winsor (H)Nobles-Almy Field
10/10/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Park (H)Nobles-Almy Field
10/18/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Dana Hall (H)Nobles-Mason Field
10/20/20234:00-5:15 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. BB&N (H)Nobles-Mason Field
10/25/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Dexter Southfield (H)Nobles-Mason Field
10/27/20233:45-4:45 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Shady Hill (H)Nobles-Mason Field
10/31/20234:00-5:00 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Montrose (A)Transit 29
11/10/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Girls Soccer vs. Milton Academy (H)Nobles-Almy Field
09/06/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/07/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/08/20232:45-3:45 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/11/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/12/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/13/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/14/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/15/20232:45-3:45 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/19/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/20/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS Soccer  
09/22/20232:45-3:45 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
09/26/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/27/20232:00-2:45 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/28/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
09/29/20232:45-3:45 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/02/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/03/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/04/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS SoccerGrid Space 
10/05/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/06/20232:45-3:45 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Mason Field 
10/10/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerGrid Space 
10/11/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/12/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/13/20232:45-3:45 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/17/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/18/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS SoccerGrid Space 
10/19/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/20/20232:45-3:30 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Mason Field 
10/23/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
10/24/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
10/26/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
11/02/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
11/06/20233:10-4:10 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
11/07/20233:05-4:05 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 
11/08/20231:15-2:15 PMGMS SoccerNobles-'49/Greene Field 
11/09/20233:05-4:05 PMGMS SoccerNobles-Almy Field 

09/20/2023Rivers School
09/21/2023Thayer Academy
09/27/2023Dexter Southfield
10/05/2023The Winsor School
10/10/2023Park School
10/18/2023Dana Hall School
10/20/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
10/25/2023Dexter Southfield
10/27/2023Shady Hill School
10/31/2023Montrose School
11/10/2023Milton Academy

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Bhurat, MihikaNewton7 
Brooks, AnabelMarlborough7 
Farb, SashaChestnut Hill7 
Frushour, EllaWest Roxbury8 
Hall, EvelynDedham7 
Keefe, LuanaNewton7 
Khanna, AneeshaBrookline7 
Laing Lopes, BaileeBoston7 
Lewis, CharlotteBoston7 
Lyons, GraysonWaban8 
Marconi, SydneyBoston7 
McCool, CatherineWest Roxbury8 
McLane, TessHingham8 
Mitchell, KiraChestnut Hill8 
Popeo, LexiNeedham8 
Salamipour, LilyBoston7 
Sawatzky, SophieChestnut Hill7 
Shen, AmyWeston7 
Somerville, KateWellesley Hills8 
Struzziery, HelenaCohasset8 
Teeson, HannaDedham8 
Xiao, NatalieNewton8