Bob Kern
At Nobles since 1978

Titles: Coach
Sport(s): Cross Country Boys Varsity
Phone Number: 781-752-9435

     Back in September of 1978, I began my coaching and teaching career at Nobles. Upon retiring from teaching in 2018, I desired to continue coaching cross country to maintain contact with the school and sport I love so much. During my coaching career, I have primarily coached the varsity and jv boys’ teams, but in the earlier days of our program, I assisted with the girls’ and middle school teams. My role in recent years has changed a bit from being the coach of a specific team to being a steward of our program as a whole. I have helped maintain the course, supervised the running of weekly meets and annual championships, and kept team statistics. Over the years, one thing has not changed, and that is my love of the sport of cross country. Though my own running mileage has gradually diminished, I have competed in races from 5 km to the marathon. Running on a beautiful, wooded trail through the colors of autumn is something that I treasure and makes it difficult to think of autumn without thinking of cross country. Beyond Nobles, I served as secretary of NEPSTA, the New England track & field and cross country association for six years ending in 2014.