The Program

The Nobles Boys Crew program has a rich tradition dating well back to the 19th century - before the school moved from the Back Bay in Boston to its current location in Dedham, MA. Competing in the Youth Four events, all four varsity crews are perennial contenders for top honors at the spring championship regatta on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA. In addition to the four varsity crews, two JV crews comprise the program.

The team competes in the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association in both dual races and its championship at the end of May. This league is commonly tapped as a source of top prospects by college rowing coaches. Recent graduates have gone on to row at the top college programs in NCAA Division I and Division III.

In 2003, the team traveled to the Royal English Henley Regatta to race in the Princess Elizabeth Cup Division where they reached the semi- finals.  In 2008, at the Youth National Championships, The Boys Varsity Four earned a bronze medal, and came away as Champions the following year in 2009. In 2015, the boys finished second in the Youth 4+ event at the Head of the Charles Regatta-finishing as the top U.S. Crew in that event and the top finishing crew in any event among all entries from Massachusetts.

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04/02/202212:30-2:00 PMBoys Crew Team Opening GatheringMAC Richardson 
04/16/20223:00-7:00 PMBV Crew vs. Brooks, Berwick, and Brewster (A)Brooks
04/23/20223:00-5:00 PMBV Crew vs. BB&N, Groton (A)Powerhouse Course, Boston 
05/07/20226:00-8:00 PMBV Crew vs. Belmont Hil (A)Powerhouse Course, Boston 
05/14/20222:00-4:00 PMBV Crew vs. NMH Deerfield, Middlesex (A)NMH 
05/21/20228:00-5:00 PMBV Crew vs. USRowing Regatta (A)USRowing Northeast Youth Championship
05/22/20228:00-5:00 PMBV Crew vs. USRowing Regatta (A)USRowing Northeast Youth Championship
05/28/20228:00-5:00 PMBV Crew vs. NEIRA (A)NEIRA
06/09/202212:00-12:00 AMBV Crew vs. US Rowing Youth Nationals (A)  
03/08/20223:45-6:00 PMBV CrewLister 
03/09/20222:30-5:00 PMBV CrewLister 
03/10/20223:45-6:00 PMBV CrewLister 
03/28/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewOn Campus 
03/28/20223:45-5:45 PMGV CrewOn Campus 
03/29/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
03/30/20222:45-5:00 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
04/04/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
04/05/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
04/06/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
04/07/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
04/08/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
04/11/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
04/12/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
04/13/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
04/14/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
04/15/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
04/19/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
04/20/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
04/21/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
04/22/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
04/26/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
04/27/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
04/28/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
04/29/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
05/02/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/03/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/04/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
05/05/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
05/06/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
05/09/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/10/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/11/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
05/12/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
05/13/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
05/16/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/17/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/18/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
05/19/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
05/20/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  
05/23/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/24/20223:45-5:45 PMBV CrewLasell Boat House 
05/25/20222:45-4:45 PMBV Crew  
05/26/20223:30-5:00 PMBV Crew  
05/27/20223:45-5:45 PMBV Crew  

04/23/2022BB&N, Groton 
05/07/2022Belmont Hill School 
05/21/2022USRowing Northeast Youth Championship 
05/22/2022USRowing Northeast Youth Championship 

The roster for this team has not been finalized.