The Noble and Greenough Athletic Program supports the school’s community principles of honesty and respect for self and others while working to realize individual and group potential. Excellence in athletics depends upon sportsmanship, hard work, self-discipline, humility, pride, and commitment to the team experience. The Nobles Athletic Program attempts to instill in each student an awareness of and appreciation for the importance of lifetime health and wellness and to involve the full community as both participants and supporters of the Athletic Program. Nobles remains committed to placing the good of the team and the school above individual achievement. To reach these goals, Nobles is committed to the teacher/coach model and to a program which is developmentally appropriate to the range of abilities and experiences of the student body.

Nobles competes in the Independent School League (ISL) and the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC).


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Nobles Athletics prides itself on powerful relationships between coaches and student-athletes. These relationships inspire students to take risks together in the hope that they leave Nobles with a life-long desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
Alex Gallagher ’90
Director of Athletics

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Alex Gallagher '90
Director of Athletics

781-320-7247      Alex_Gallagher@nobles.edu

Rob Murray
Assistant Athletic Director

781-320-7064      Rob_Murray@nobles.edu

Dan Warren
Assistant Athletic Director
Equipment Manager

781-320-7022      Dan_Warren@nobles.edu

Gwen Chiaranda
Director of Sports Medicine

781-320-7268      Gwen_Chiaranda@nobles.edu

Maurice Sicard
Athletic Trainer

781-320-7025      Maurice_Sicard@nobles.edu

Kevin O'Neill
Director of Strength and Conditioning

781-320-7039      Kevin_O'Neill@nobles.edu

Noah Collier
Athletic Trainer

781-320-7027      Noah_Collier@nobles.edu

Coach Kevin O’Neill runs the strength and conditioning program and is in charge of team training and individual workout options for students and faculty. Kevin works in conjunction with the sports medicine staff to coordinate rehab programs for injured athletes in the Fine Family Strength & Conditioning Facility.

Mission Statement

The Noble and Greenough Strength & Conditioning Program supports the mission of the school and the athletic department. It is the mission of our program to provide the best and most appropriate training experience for the Nobles student while developing the program’s core values of belief, personal accountability, toughness, and leadership. These values will be taught through a mentally and physically challenging process. Students will work together to develop their physical performance, confidence, self-esteem, and collaborative skills in a positive atmosphere.

Core Values

Belief: Belief in yourself.
Belief in your teammates.
Belief in the process.
Belief that you were created to be great.

Personal Accountability: The integrity to own your actions.

Toughness: The mental and physical toughness to deal with life’s challenges.

Leadership: Lead with passion. Lead by example.

Mission Statement

The mission of the office of sports medicine is to provide the highest quality care to the entire Noble and Greenough School community. The sports medicine staff works closely with the coaching and strength and conditioning staff, as well as outside medical practitioners, to provide appropriate treatment and an effective rehabilitation plan for every student athlete.

Sports Medicine Relationships

Nobles is proud to have built affiliate relationships with two of the country’s leading hospitals: Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. In the event of an orthopedic injury, the Nobles Office of Sports Medicine will work with the appropriate affiliate offices to assist you with getting an appointment as soon as possible, often within 24 hours. If rehabilitation is necessary, the sports medicine staff will work closely with the physicians and other allied healthcare professionals to support every Nobles community member until recovery and return to play/participation.

External Resources and Guides

Nobles Emergency Action Plan 2022–2023
Concussion Policy and Procedures
Nobles Mental Health Emergency Action Plan 2022–2023
Guide to Dehydration & Other Heat Illnesses
Sun Safety & Protection
The Effects of Stress
The Power of Sleep
Shin Splints & Stress Fractures
The Risk of Overuse Injuries
Clocking Nutrition
Beat the Heat
Healthy Hydration For Young Athletes
Concussion 101

Athletic Training

The Nobles athletic training room is a health care facility available to the entire Nobles community to receive treatment, care, and preventative assistance as well as rehabilitation for activity related injuries. The athletic trainers are responsible for providing services in an attempt to maintain the athlete’s level of competition to its highest degree.


The taping area is probably the busiest area of the training room. Each sport has equal access to this area and order is usually established by a simple first-come-first-serve basis. Occasionally, preference will be given to those athletes who need to get to a contest over those who need to get to practice if there is a tight time line.


Student athletes who enter the athletic training room, for either an injury evaluation or to work on returning to competition from an injury, will often times start on one of the seven tables in our evaluation and rehab area.

Injury evaluations take place after all teams have been taped and prepared for practices and games. This is to ensure that proper time can be taken without interruptions. Emergency cases will always take top priority.

Sports Medicine

Nobles’ Sports Medicine Department believes in a philosophy of compassionate care for all its student athletes.

The Office of Sports Medicine is comprised of the director of sports medicine as well as one full-time athletic trainer, and various part-time/per diem athletic trainers who help cover the schools various on-campus events. All athletic trainers are nationally certified and licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure. The certified athletic trainers work under the supervision of the school’s team physician as well as affiliated orthopedic practices. The mission of the Office of Sports Medicine is to provide the highest quality care to the entire Noble and Greenough School community.

The sports medicine staff will work closely with the coaching, strength and conditioning, and outside medical staff to provide an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan for every student athlete who requests our assistance. Effective communication between the Office of Sports Medicine, student athlete, coaching staff, parents and outside medical providers allows the student to be returned to activity as quickly and safely as possible.

We are committed to providing medical coverage to participants in the athletic and afternoon programs under the following domains as established by the National Athletic Training Association (NATA) and Board of Certification (BOC):

Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection

Educating participants and managing risk for safe performance and function.

Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis

Implementing standard evaluation techniques and formulating a clinical impression for the determination of a course of action.

Immediate and Emergency Care

Employing standard care procedures and communicating outcomes for efficient and appropriate care of the injured.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Reconditioning participants for optimal performance and function.

Organizational and Professional Health and Well-being

Understanding and adhering to approved organizational and professional practices and guidelines to ensure individual and organizational well-being.

Sports Medicine Relationships

Nobles is proud to have built affiliate relationships with two of the top hospitals in the country: Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. In the event of an emergency or need of an office visit due to a lingering injury, the Nobles’ Office of Sports Medicine will work with the appropriate physician to assist you with getting an appointment as soon as possible – often within 24 hours.

If rehabilitation is necessary the sports medicine staff will work closely with the physicians and outside medical team to support you through your recovery.

Warren Cummings Smith ‘11, 2014 Winter Olympics alpine skier for Estonia

Ben Rice ‘18, 2021 New York Yankees 12th round draft pick

Courtney Sims ‘03, New York Knicks

Mark Fayne ‘06, New Jersey Devils (2010-14), Edmonton Oilers (2014-17)

Kevin Hayes ‘11, New York Rangers (2014-19), Winnipeg Jets (2018-19), Philadelphia Flyers (2019-present)

Miles Wood ‘15, New Jersey Devils (2015-present)

Morgan Cheek ‘14, Selected in third round of 2018 Major League Lacrosse Draft by the Charlotte Hounds

Chris Tierney ‘04, New England Revolution, 2008-2018. Player Recruitment Manager 2018-present

Katie Benzan ‘16, Washington Mystics WNBA 2022

Helen Resor ‘04, 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist

Sarah Parsons ‘05, 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist

Marissa Gedman ‘10, NWHL Boston Pride player (2015-2018) and Assistant Coach (2018-19)
  • Hannah Epstein ‘21, Cornell University
  • Phil Scireta (Assistant Coach, Wentworth) ‘12, Virginia Tech
  • Ben Rice ‘18, Dartmouth College
  • Dylan McNary ‘18, Villanova University
  • Tomás O’Brien ‘18, Wesleyan College
  • Cole Koeppel ‘19, UMass Amherst
  • Jack Schwartz ‘19, Tufts University
  • Jackson Phinney ‘20, Bryant University
  • Noah Thomas ‘20, Pomona Pitzer
  • Ethan Barnett ‘21, Skidmore
  • Jack Barton ‘21, Hamilton College
  • James O’Connor ‘21, Wiliams
  • Joe Bianchi ‘21, Bates College
  • Luca Danos ‘21, William and Mary
  • Jake Bollin ‘22, Villanova University
  • Marc Willi ‘22, Michigan
  • Matt Travisano ‘22, University of Pittsburgh
  • Peyton Rose ‘22, Wiliams
  • Courtney Sims ‘03, Michigan
  • James Welch ‘18, Babson College
  • River Yan ‘18, Worcester Polytech Institute
  • Ben McPherron ‘19, Connecticut College
  • Connor Gibson ‘19, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jamie Patterson ‘18, Yale University
  • Lachlan McKenzie ‘18, Brown University
  • Rhys Drout (men’s team coxswain) ‘18, Princeton University
  • Adam Qu ‘19, Boston College
  • Cam Nelson ‘19, Columbia
  • McQuillan Martinez ‘19, Colby College
  • Charlie Guerra ‘20, Tufts University
  • Chris Millay ‘20, Tufts University
  • Finn Crawford ‘20, Harvard University
  • Nick Hazard ‘20, Columbia
  • Duncan Ayles ‘21, Navy
  • Grace Hayward ‘21, Duke University (Womens)
  • Olivia Hayward ‘21, Duke University (Womens)
  • Yaro Mikhaylov ‘21, Yale University
  • Celia Cheng ‘22, Virginia
  • Chrissy Cadigan ‘22, Harvard University
  • Max Hall ‘22, Williams College
  • Mark Fayne ‘06, Providence College
  • Jerry Harding ‘18, UMass Amherst
  • Sean Wrenn ‘18, Amherst College
  • Trevor Spence ‘18, Tufts University
  • John Murray ‘19, Harvard University
  • Ryan Stevens ‘19, Yale University
  • Casey Severo ‘20, Harvard University
  • Colby Bailey ‘20, Babson College
  • Jack Cronin ‘20, Princeton University
  • Marc Smith ‘20, Wesleyan College
  • David Jacobs ‘21, Princeton University
  • Aidan Lyons ‘22, Bowdoin College
  • Andrew Johnson ‘18, MIT
  • Colin Mahoney ‘18, Skidmore
  • Hayden Cheek ‘18, Harvard University
  • Jett Dziama ‘18, Boston University
  • Nick Loring ‘18, Harvard University
  • Sam Montgomery ‘18, Middlebury College
  • Thomas Bono ‘18, Williams College
  • Will Zink ‘18, Middlebury College
  • Dan Donahue ‘20, Union College
  • John Dixon ‘20, Georgetown
  • Nick Taylor ‘20, Hamilton College
  • Ollie Bernstein ‘20, Bowdoin College
  • Cole Van Meter ‘21, Boston University
  • Ethan Lung ‘21, Trinity College
  • Max Heberlein ‘21, Skidmore
  • Stephen Gaskill ‘21, Boston University
  • Tate Seeman ‘21, Villanova University
  • Ben Clarke ‘22, Colorado College
  • Chad Palumbo ‘22, Princeton University
  • Colin Norton ‘22, Union College
  • James Lapsley ‘22, Boston College
  • Peter Del Col ‘22, Haverford College
  • Roman Tacelli ‘22, Colorado College
  • Will Canavan ‘22, Colorado College
  • Brody Upton ‘23, Princeton University
  • Bruno Batty ‘23, Babson College
  • Grayson McClements ‘23, University of Pennsylvania
  • Matty Tully ‘23, Cornell University
  • Ollie Lamadieu ‘23, Trinity College
  • Josh Gangi ‘22, Union College
  • Harry Roberts ‘20, Princeton University
  • Joe Todd ‘20, Middlebury College
  • Harri Sprofera ‘21, Brown University
  • Max Heberlein ‘21, Skidmore
  • Michael Balleani ‘21, Brown University
  • Tommy Kantrowitz ‘21, Hamilton College
  • Nate Szpak ‘22, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Oliver Constable ‘18, Hamilton College
  • Patrick McElroy ‘18, Virginia
  • Ryan Santoro ‘18 , Colby College
  • Alex Stimpson ‘19, Middlebury College
  • Bailey Turner ‘18, Bridgewater State University
  • Emma London ‘18, Williams College
  • Sara Falkson ‘18, Dartmouth College
  • Schuyler Edie ‘19, Tufts University
  • Caroline Higgins ‘20, Bowdoin College
  • Charlotte Epker ‘20, Colby College
  • Zoe Carlson-Pietraszek ‘21, Bucknell University
  • Kiki Higgins ‘22, Wiliams
  • Sammy Higgins ‘22, Hamilton College
  • Danny Monaghan ‘18, Brown University
  • Jason Medeiros ‘18, Brown University
  • Mike Sullivan ‘18, UMass Amherst
  • Rocco Giandomenico ‘18, Williams College
  • Uche Ndukwe ‘18, Princeton University
  • Sam Folse ‘19, Wesleyan College
  • Will Welch ‘19, Pomona Pitzer
  • Cam Large ‘20, Wisconsin
  • Henry Mitchell ‘20, Hamilton College
  • Casey Phinney ‘21, Boston College
  • Connor Smith ‘21, Yale University
  • Darnel Cineas ‘21, Middlebury College
  • Drew Kendall ‘21, Boston College
  • Duke Ferrara ‘21, Colby College
  • Julian Tarpey ‘21, Springfield College
  • Mike Lukasevicz ‘21, Williams College
  • Ryan Mosesso ‘21, UMass Amherst
  • Cam Charron ‘22, Yale University
  • Joe Ngnombouowo ‘22, Williams College
  • Joey Duggan ‘23, Fordham University
  • Paul Loeber ‘23, Middlebury College
  • Will Loewenguth ‘23, Ithaca College
  • Kate Kerrigan (Assistant Coach, Smith College) ‘14, Bowdoin College
  • Adia Maund ‘18, Lake Forest
  • Ashley Ducharme ‘18, Brown University
  • Marnell Garraud ‘18, Boston College
  • Priscilla Singleton-Lovett ‘19, Williams College
  • Lauren Keohan ‘20, Bowdoin College
  • Lauren Keohan ‘20, Bowdoin College
  • Caroline Ducharme ‘21, University of Connecticut
  • Caroline Keating ‘21, Bates College
  • Mikayla Paquette ‘21, Tufts University
  • Sydney Jones ‘21, Bowdoin College
  • Kayla Lezama ‘22, Boston College
  • Sloan Hauck ‘18, Colby College
  • Alex Poole ‘19, Boston College
  • Brynn O’Connor ‘19, Hamilton College
  • Caroline Kinghorn ‘19, Harvard University
  • Elizabeth Kantrowicz ‘19, Hamilton College
  • Julia Trull ‘19, Virginia
  • Molly Connors ‘19, Bates College
  • Nalani Dziama ‘19, Harvard University
  • Sammi Janower ‘19, Penn
  • Sarah Averill ‘19, Harvard University
  • Kat Poole ‘20, Georgetown
  • Lucy Del Col ‘20, Bates College
  • Emma Parrott ‘21, Harvard University
  • Hadley Winslow ‘21, Georgetown
  • Jess DiPietrantonio ‘21, Boston College
  • Morgan Kendall ‘21, Dartmouth College
  • Sydney Asnis ‘21, Brown University
  • Ava Lewis ‘22, Brown University
  • Charlotte Walkey ‘22, Villanova University
  • Elena Guerra ‘22, Harvard University
  • Emma Skelly ‘22, Columbia
  • Norah Jankey ‘22, Skidmore
  • Helen Resor ‘04, Harvard University
  • Marissa Gedman ‘10, Harvard University
  • Abby Volo ‘18, Boston College
  • Emma London ‘18, Williams College
  • Katie Tresca ‘18, Harvard University
  • Kelly Pickreign ‘18, Boston College
  • Stephanie Nomicos ‘18, Amherst College
  • Courtney Hyland ‘19, Harvard University
  • Lily Farden ‘19, Harvard University
  • Maddie Bayard ‘19, Middlebury College
  • Nicki Lutschaunig ‘19, Harvard University
  • Rose O’Connor ‘19, Harvard University
  • Casey O’Brien ‘20, Wisconsin
  • Cassidy Piersiak ‘20, Brown University
  • Katie Armstrong ‘20, Williams College
  • Maeve Connolly ‘20, Penn State
  • Ellie Bayard ‘21, Harvard University
  • Katie Pyne ‘21, Boston College
  • Taylor Hyland ‘21, Princeton University
  • Emmy O’Leary ‘22, Princeton University
  • Kate Ham ‘22, Boston College
  • Sophie Ensley ‘22, Harvard University
  • Kenzie Kent ‘14, Harvard University (Asst. Coach)
  • Adrie Luster ‘18, Dartmouth College
  • Maya Keenan-Gallagher ‘18, UMass Amherst
  • Olly Gill ‘18, Harvard University
  • Aislinn McCarthy ‘19, Virginia
  • Susan Rowley ‘19, Middlebury College
  • Becca Gill ‘20, Yale University
  • Caroline Higgins ‘20, Bowdoin College
  • Madie Majernik ‘20, Cornell University
  • Grace Taylor ‘21, Harvard University
  • Abby Roberts ‘22, Princeton University
  • Claudia Patz ‘22, Union College
  • Emma Davis ‘22, Vanderbilt
  • Katy McCullough ‘22, Williams College
  • Kiki Higgins ‘22, Wiliams
  • Meaghan Day ‘22, Wiliams
  • Maddie Mills ‘18, Dartmouth College
  • Allie Winstanley ‘19, Dartmouth College
  • Ava Lung ‘19, Harvard University
  • Emily St. John ‘19, Cornell University
  • Ella Midura ‘20, Princeton University
  • Lily Bryant ‘21, Princeton University
  • Grace Santoro ‘19, Middlebury College
  • Jesse Brownell ‘19, Dartmouth College
  • Isabel Kelly ‘19, Williams College
  • Lindsay Popeo ‘22, Colorado College
  • Jason Temel ‘19, Northwestern University
  • Vikram Konanki ‘21, University of Connecticut
  • Courtney Collins-Pisano ‘18, Wesleyan College
  • Morgan Hartranft ‘18, Hamilton College
  • Addie Sewack ‘20, Carnegie Melon
  • Caitlin Murray ‘22, Colgate University
  • Leighton Graham ‘20, Colorado College
  • Kali Long ‘21, Columbia
  • Sidnie Kulick ‘21, Amherst College
  • Charlotte MacDonald ‘18, Northeastern University
  • Lauren MacDonald ‘19, Babson College
  • David Yeh ‘18, Williams College
  • Michael Welch ‘18, Richmond
  • Ryan Flynn ‘18, Yale University
  • Vikram Aldykiewicz ‘19, Georgetown