The Nobles golf team has a successful history which is the result of a high level of commitment from both its athletes and its coach, along with the proper use of our outstanding practice facilities. This co-ed team features a varsity level program that carries anywhere from 8 – 10 players. Dedication to improving all facets of one’s game is emphasized, and as a result, practices will vary from one athlete to the next. The ultimate goal is for each player to be highly competitive among the variety of courses the team plays each year. This approach has lead to back to back ISL Tournament Championships for this storied program. 
04/13/20213:45-5:45 PMV Golf vs. Thayer and Rivers (A)Wollaston Golf Club 
04/15/20213:45-5:45 PMV Golf vs. Middlesex (A)Concord Country Club
04/20/20213:45-5:45 PMV Golf vs. Tabor (A)Kittansett Country Club
04/22/20213:45-5:45 PMV Golf vs. Belmont Hill (A)Belmont Country Club
04/29/20213:30-5:30 PMV Golf vs. Dexter (H)Dedham Country and Polo Club
05/04/20213:45-5:45 PMV Golf vs. Milton Academy (H)Dedham Country and Polo Club
05/06/20213:00-5:00 PMV Golf vs. St. Sebastian's (H)Dedham Country and Polo Club
05/17/20218:00-3:00 PMISL Golf ChampionshipKittansett Country Club

04/08/2020Tabor, St. Sebastian's 
04/16/2020Belmont Hill, BB&N 
04/22/2020Governor's, St. Mark's 
04/29/2020Lawrence, Tabor 
05/05/2020BB&N, Brooks 
05/07/2020Milton Academy 
05/12/2020Belmont Hill School 
05/14/2020St. Sebastian’s School 
05/18/2020ISL Championship 

The roster for this team has not been finalized.