Middle school co-ed hockey welcomes all players of all skill levels and combines a competitive atmosphere with levity and laughter. Coaches facilitate more experienced players to further develop their skills, while also creating fun practices for everyone, as the range of skating capabilities provides the opportunity for peers to coach each other and develop a new sense of leadership and potential. 
12/10/20213:15-4:15 PM MS Hockey vs. Dexter Southfield (H)Omni Rink
01/12/20223:30-4:30 PMMS Hockey vs. Thayer (H)Omni Rink
01/19/20223:15-4:15 PMMS Hockey vs. Fenn School (A)The Fenn School
01/21/20223:30-4:30 PMMS Hockey vs. BB&N (H)Omni Rink
01/26/20224:00-5:30 PMMS Hockey vs. Derby (A)Derby
02/02/20223:45-4:30 PMCANCELLED: MS Hockey vs. Dexter Southfield (A) CANCELLEDBoch Ice Center
02/04/20223:15-4:15 PMCANCELLED: MS Hockey vs. Thayer (H) CANCELLEDOmni Rink
02/09/20223:30-4:30 PMMS Hockey vs. Thayer (H)Omni Rink
02/17/20223:30-4:30 PMMS Hockey vs. DCD (H)Omni Rink
02/23/20222:30-3:15 PMMS Hockey vs. Derby (H)Omni Rink
02/24/20223:30-4:30 PMMS Hockey vs. Milton Academy (A)Milton Academy
12/06/20213:00-4:00 PMHockey MS  
12/07/20213:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
12/08/20212:00-2:50 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
12/09/20213:30-4:15 PMHockey MS - off ice  
01/05/20222:00-3:00 PMCANCELLED: Hockey Middle School CANCELLEDOmni Rink 
01/06/20223:30-4:30 PMHockey MS - OFF ICEOn Campus 
01/07/20222:45-3:30 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
01/10/20223:00-4:20 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
01/11/20223:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
01/13/202212:00-12:00 AMHockey MS - OFF ICE  
01/14/20222:45-3:15 PMCANCELLED: Hockey Middle School CANCELLEDOmni Rink 
01/18/20223:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
01/20/20223:30-4:30 PMHockey MSOmni Rink 
01/24/20223:00-4:00 PMMS HockeyOmni Rink 
01/25/20223:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
01/25/20223:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
02/01/20223:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
02/03/20223:30-4:30 PMMS HockeyOmni Rink 
02/07/20223:00-4:00 PMMS HockeyOmni Rink 
02/08/20223:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
02/11/20222:45-3:30 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
02/14/20223:00-4:00 PMMS Hockey  
02/15/20223:00-4:00 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 
02/18/20222:45-3:45 PMHockey Middle SchoolOmni Rink 

12/10/2021Dexter Southfield School 
01/12/2022Thayer Academy 
01/19/2022The Fenn School 
01/21/2022Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
02/02/2022Dexter Southfield School 
02/04/2022Thayer Academy 
02/09/2022Thayer Academy 
02/17/2022Dedham Country Day 
02/24/2022Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Albers, AlecWellesley7 
Bianchi, MacScituate8 
Cai, AlexNewton7 
Callahan, RyanNeedham8 
Cheng, AlexWellesley8 
DeTuccio, IsabelBelmont8 
Farb, LeahChestnut Hill8 
Finkelstein, EmmaWellesley8 
Gilbane, TuckChestnut Hill8 
Hughes, IzzieWellesley8 
Jeppson, ChloeChestnut Hill8 
Loeber, AshleyWeston8 
McLane, HenryHingham7 
Moxley, TessJamaica Plain8 
Peters, OliviaNewton7 
Rose, TeddyWeston8 
Smink, MackDedham8 
St. John, BrookeNeedham8 
Sweeny, WalkerDedham7 
Trinque, BeaBrookline8 
Upton, PresleyDedham7 
Warren, DanNorfolk7