The varsity squash team competes in the Boston area Independent School League (ISL), regionally against other New England teams, and annually at the national level at the US High School Nationals. Nobles has been consistently selected to participate in the A division of High School Nationals, and in the end of season New England Interscholastic A tournament. Our program embraces a dedication to sportsmanship and team play, and emphasizes the ongoing advancement of match play strategy and individual skill development, a commitment to fitness and strength training, and the nurturing of life long passion for the game of squash. In the recent past, the Nobles Varsity Girls team has been recognized for sportsmanship with the ISL Sportsmanship Award and with the New England Class A tournament Team Sportsmanship Award. Many Nobles players earn and maintain strong state and national rankings. Graduates have gone on to play for Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard, Bowdoin, Brown, Williams, Cornell, Trinity, Princeton, Connecticut College, Tufts, Colby, Vassar, George Washington, Johns Hopkins, Middlebury and Wellesley College.



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12/06/20233:45-5:45 PMGV Squash vs. Tabor (A)Tabor Academy
12/07/20234:30-6:30 PMGV Squash vs. Squashbusters (A)SquashBusters
12/09/202312:00-7:00 PMGV Squash vs. Groton Invitational (A)Groton
01/05/20244:45-6:45 PMGV Squash vs. St. Mark's (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/06/20241:30-3:30 PMGV Squash vs. Middlesex (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/11/20244:30-6:00 PMGV Squash vs. Brookline High School (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/17/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Squash vs. St. George's (A)St. George's
01/18/20245:00-6:30 PMGV Squash vs. Dana Hall (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/23/20245:00-7:00 PMGV Squash vs. BB&N (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/26/20244:15-6:15 PMGV Squash vs. Winsor (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/27/20241:00-3:00 PMGV Squash vs. Exeter (A)Exeter
01/31/20243:30-5:30 PMGV Squash vs. Andover (A)Andover
02/07/20243:30-5:00 PMGV Squash vs. Brooks (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/14/20244:15-6:15 PMGV Squash vs. Groton (A)Groton
02/17/202412:00-12:00 AMGV Squash New Englands (A)  
02/21/20245:30-7:30 PMGV Squash vs. Milton Academy (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/23/202410:00-6:00 PMGV Squash vs. Nationals (A)Nationals Upper Show Place Arena
02/24/202410:00-6:00 PMGV Squash vs. Nationals (A)ARLEN SPECTER US SQUASH CENTER
02/25/202410:00-5:00 PMGV Squash vs. Nationals (A)Nationals Upper Show Place Arena
11/15/20233:15-4:45 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/16/20233:20-4:50 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/17/20234:30-6:00 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/20/20234:35-6:05 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/21/20233:20-4:50 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/27/20234:35-6:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/28/20233:45-5:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/29/20232:45-4:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/30/20235:00-6:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/01/20233:30-5:00 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/04/20234:35-6:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/05/20233:45-5:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/08/20233:15-4:45 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/11/20234:35-6:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/12/20233:45-5:15 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/13/20232:00-3:30 PMGV SquashMAC Squash Courts 

12/06/2023Tabor Academy
12/09/2023Groton Invitational Tournament
01/05/2024St. Mark's
01/11/2024Brookline HS
01/17/2024St. George's
01/18/2024Dana Hall School
01/23/2024Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
01/26/2024The Winsor School
02/17/2024New Englands
02/21/2024Milton Academy
02/23/2024Nationals Upper Show Place Arena
02/24/2024Nationals Upper Show Place Arena
02/25/2024Nationals Upper Show Place Arena

The roster for this team has not been finalized.