The MS-Coed Program

Nobles has an outstanding Middle School Athletic Program. We work hard to build practices and schedules that challenge student-athletes of all skill levels. Our Middle School coaching staff is stocked with teachers who have spent years instructing and competing at various levels of their sport. In the end, Middle Schoolers have an experience that ties them more closely to their classmates, while simultaneously pushing them to fulfill their potential as both athletes and leaders. Middle School Squash is a co-ed team. 




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01/05/20243:30-4:30 PMMS Squash vs. St. Sebastian's (A)St. Sebastian's School
01/08/20244:30-5:30 PMMS Squash vs. Squashbusters (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/10/20244:00-4:45 PMMS Squash vs. Winsor (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/17/20242:45-3:45 PMMS Squash vs. St. Sebastian's (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/18/20244:15-5:15 PMMS Squash vs. Dana Hall (A)Dana Hall School
01/24/20244:15-5:15 PMMS Squash vs. Winsor (A)The Winsor School
01/25/20243:45-4:45 PMMS Squash vs. Fay (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/30/20243:30-4:30 PMMS Squash vs. Belmont Hill (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/01/20243:30-4:30 PMMS Squash vs. DCD (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/05/20244:30-5:30 PMMS Squash vs. SquashBuster (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/07/20242:45-3:45 PMMS Squash vs. St. Sebastian's (A)St. Sebastian's School
02/08/20243:30-4:15 PMMS Squash vs. DCDS (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/14/20242:45-3:45 PMMS Squash vs. BB&N (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/15/20244:15-5:15 PMMS Squash vs. Fessenden (A)The Fessenden School
02/22/20244:00-5:00 PMMS Squash vs. DCD (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/23/20243:45-4:45 PMMS Squash vs. Milton Academy (A)Milton Academy
11/27/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/28/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/29/20232:00-3:00 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/30/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/01/20232:45-3:45 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/04/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/05/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/06/20232:00-2:45 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/07/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/08/20232:45-3:45 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/11/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/12/20233:10-4:10 PMMS SquashMAC Squash Courts 

01/05/2024St. Sebastian's School
01/10/2024The Winsor School
01/17/2024St. Sebastian's School
01/18/2024Dana Hall School
01/24/2024The Winsor School
01/30/2024Belmont Hill School
02/01/2024Dedham Country Day
02/07/2024St. Sebastian's School
02/08/2024Dedham Country Day
02/14/2024Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
02/15/2024The Fessenden School
02/22/2024Dedham Country Day
02/23/2024Milton Academy

The roster for this team has not been finalized.