Noble & Greenough offers a highly competitive softball program; the team plays 11 ISL games combined with 5 to 7 non-league games against some of the most competitive prep schools in New England. The season begins with an optional “spring training” in late March, and continues through late May with games. The goal of the program is to annually compete at or near the top of the ISL in a manner consistent with the mission and ideals of the school. Nobles softball stresses skill development and maintenance through strong commitment in a fun atmosphere and features an aggressive style of defense and base running. This approach over the last 5 years has resulted in an undefeated season, one ISL title, four second place finishes, and first place in the Big East Invitational Tournament hosted by Andover each year. We believe that our continued commitment to this approach will keep Nobles in its place as one of the top teams in the ISL.  
03/26/202212:00-12:00 AMScrim: V Softball vs. St. Paul's (A)Westminster School 
03/26/202212:00-12:00 AMScrim: V Softball vs. Westminster (A)Westminster School 
03/27/202212:00-12:00 AMScrim: V Softball vs. Kingswood Oxford (A)Westminster School 
04/02/20222:00-4:00 PMScrim: V Softball vs. Westwood HS (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
04/05/20224:45-6:45 PMV Softball vs. St. Paul's (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
04/13/20223:30-5:30 PMV Softball vs. Andover (A)Andover
04/16/20221:30-3:30 PMV Softball vs. New Hampton (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
04/20/20224:00-6:00 PMV Softball vs. Marianapolis Prep (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
04/23/20222:30-4:30 PM V Softball vs. Brooks (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
04/27/20223:45-5:45 PMV Softball vs. BB&N (A)Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
04/30/20222:00-4:00 PM V Softball vs. Worcester (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
05/03/20224:15-6:15 PMV Softball vs. St. George's (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
05/06/20224:45-6:45 PMV Softball vs. St. Mark's (A)St. Mark's
05/09/20224:30-6:30 PMV Softball vs. Thayer Academy (A)Thayer Academy
05/14/20221:00-3:00 PMV Softball vs. Tabor (A)Tabor 
05/16/20225:15-7:15 PMPOSTPONED: V Softball vs. Lawrence Academy (A)Lawrence Academy
05/17/20225:15-7:15 PMV Softball vs. Lawrence Academy (A)Lawrence Academy
05/18/20223:15-5:15 PMV Softball vs. Governor's Academy (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
05/21/202212:00-12:00 AMV Softball vs. Big East Invitatiional (A)  
05/22/202212:00-12:00 AMV Softball vs. Big East Invitatiional (A)Big East Invitational 
05/22/202212:00-12:00 AMV Softball vs. Big East Invitatiional (A)Big East Invitational 
05/25/20223:30-5:30 PMV Softball vs. Rivers (H)Nobles-Johnson Field
05/27/20224:30-6:30 PMV Softball vs. Milton Academy (A)Milton Academy
03/08/20223:45-6:15 PMV SoftballMAC Richardson 
03/09/20222:30-5:00 PMV SoftballMAC Richardson 
03/10/20223:45-6:15 PMV SoftballMAC Richardson 
03/29/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
03/30/20223:00-5:00 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
03/31/20224:20-6:20 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/01/20223:30-4:15 PMSoftball  
04/04/20224:15-6:00 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/05/20224:15-6:00 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/07/20224:30-6:15 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/08/20224:00-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/09/202212:00-2:00 PMSoftball  
04/11/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/12/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/14/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/15/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/19/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/21/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/22/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/26/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/28/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
04/29/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/02/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/04/20222:00-4:00 PMVarsity Softball Nobles-Johnson Field 
05/05/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/10/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/11/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/12/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/13/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/16/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/19/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/20/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/23/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/24/20223:45-5:45 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 
05/26/20223:30-5:00 PMSoftballNobles-Johnson Field 

03/26/2022Westminster School 
03/26/2022St. Paul's School 
03/27/2022Kingswood Oxford School 
04/02/2022Westwood High SchoolW  
04/05/2022St. Paul's SchoolW  
04/16/2022New Hampton 
04/20/2022Marianapolis Prep 
04/27/2022Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
04/30/2022Worcester Academy 
05/03/2022St. George's 
05/06/2022St. Mark's 
05/09/2022Thayer Academy 
05/16/2022Lawrence Academy 
05/17/2022Lawrence Academy 
05/18/2022Governor’s Academy 
05/21/2022Big East Invitational 
05/22/2022Big East Invitational 
05/22/2022Big East Invitational 
05/25/2022Rivers School 
05/27/2022Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Abdelal, AnnabelWellesley9 
Benevides, DelaneyPlainville10 
Fuqua, MeganMedfield11 
Gates, EllieWaban10 
Hahn, SophiaAuburndale9 
Hodi, CarolineSouthborough11 
Levering, SophiaWestwood10 
Murray, CateDedham12 
Rutledge, KatherineNewton10 
Samuels, SofiaBrookline12 
Shaff, SaraNeedham9 
Simons, AmeliaRoslindale10 
Willett, KaitlynWellesley11 
Zupkofska, AnyaBraintree10