The Nobles girls tennis program is filled with talented, dedicated individuals who work together to become a united team. In the past several years, we have finished in the top three teams in the competitive Independent School League as well as in New England. The program includes varsity, junior varsity, and middle school teams, and we value players who will commit themselves to working together both on and off the court. 
04/04/20224:15-6:15 PMGV Tennis vs. Winsor (H)Outdoor Courts
04/08/20224:30-6:30 PMCANCELLED: GV Tennis vs. Beaver County Day (A) CANCELLEDBeaver Country Day School
04/13/20223:15-5:15 PMGV Tennis vs. Thayer Academy (A)Thayer Academy
04/16/20222:00-4:00 PMGV Tennis vs. Middlesex (A)Middlesex
04/20/20223:30-5:30 PMGV Tennis vs. Dana Hall (H)Outdoor Courts
04/23/20222:30-4:30 PMGV Tennis vs. Brooks (H)Outdoor Courts
04/25/20225:00-7:00 PMGV Tennis vs. Lawrence Academy (A)Lawrence Academy
04/27/20223:30-5:30 PMGV Tennis vs. BB&N (A)Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
04/30/20222:00-4:00 PMGV Tennis vs. Groton (H)Outdoor Courts
05/04/20223:15-5:15 PMGV Tennis vs. St. George's (H)Indoor Courts
05/07/20223:30-5:30 PMGV Tennis vs. St. Mark's (A)St. Mark's
05/14/20221:00-3:00 PMGV Tennis vs. Tabor (H)Outdoor Courts
05/18/20223:15-5:15 PMGV Tennis vs. Governor's Academy (H)Outdoor Courts
05/21/202210:00-12:00 PMGV Tennis vs. Milton Academy (A) - NEPSAC TournamentMilton Academy
05/21/20222:30-4:30 PMGV Tennis vs. TBD (A) - NEPSAC SemifinalMilton Academy
05/22/202210:00-12:00 PMGV Tennis vs. TBD (A) - NEPSAC Final  
05/25/20224:00-6:00 PMGV Tennis vs. Rivers (A)Rivers School
05/27/20224:30-6:30 PMGV Tennis vs. Milton Academy (A)Milton Academy
03/28/20223:40-5:10 PMGV Tennis  
03/29/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
03/30/20223:00-4:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
03/31/20224:30-6:30 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/01/20225:45-6:45 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 
04/05/20225:30-6:30 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/07/20224:15-5:45 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 
04/08/20223:30-5:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/11/20223:45-5:15 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/12/20223:45-5:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/14/20224:15-5:45 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 
04/15/20223:30-5:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/19/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/21/20223:45-5:15 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/22/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/26/20225:15-6:30 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/28/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/29/20224:30-6:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/02/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/03/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/05/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/06/20223:30-4:30 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 
05/09/20225:15-6:30 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 
05/10/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/11/20222:00-3:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/12/20224:15-5:45 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 
05/13/20223:30-5:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/16/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/17/20224:15-6:15 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/19/20224:15-5:45 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 
05/20/20224:30-6:15 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/23/20223:45-5:45 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/24/20223:45-5:00 PMGV TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/26/20223:30-5:00 PMGV TennisIndoor Courts 

04/04/2022Winsor School 
04/08/2022Beaver Country Day School 
04/13/2022Thayer AcademyW 11 - 4 
04/16/2022MiddlesexW 9 - 6 
04/20/2022Dana Hall SchoolW 13 - 2 
04/23/2022BrooksW 15 - 0 
04/25/2022Lawrence AcademyW 15 - 0 
04/27/2022Buckingham Browne & Nichols SchoolW 13 - 2 
04/30/2022GrotonL 10 - 5 
05/04/2022St. George'sW 13 - 2 
05/07/2022St. Mark'sW 11 - 4 
05/14/2022TaborW 14 - 1 
05/18/2022Governor’s AcademyW 15 - 0 
05/25/2022Rivers School 
05/27/2022Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Bao, EmilyMilton111
Harris, CharlotteCharlestown101
Janfaza, RebeccaNewton121
Kim, AudreyWellesley111
Kim, LaurenWellesley91
Klevens, SashaWest Newton91
Popeo, LindsayNeedham121
Qian, JadeDover101
Rottenberg, MayaNewton91
Tang, ShelleyLexington91