Middle school co-ed tennis prepares players for the JV and varsity levels. Coach Gardos instructs players on the fundamental skills required for the sport and helps them to fulfill their potentials as athletes and leaders. The team brings middle schoolers together in their final athletic season of the school year to compete and have fun no matter their previous tennis experience.

04/13/20223:15-4:30 PMMS Tennis vs. Fenn (A)The Fenn School
04/20/20222:45-4:15 PMMS Tennis vs. Dana Hall (A)Dana Hall School
04/21/20223:30-4:15 PMMS Tennis vs. Beaver Country Day (A)Beaver Country Day
04/26/20223:15-4:15 PMPOSTPONED: MS Tennis vs. DCD (H)Outdoor Courts
04/29/20223:30-4:30 PMMS Tennis vs. Fay (H)Outdoor Courts
05/04/20223:30-4:45 PMCANCELLED: MS Tennis Match vs. Rivers (A) CANCELLEDRivers School
05/06/20223:45-4:45 PMMS Tennis vs. Winsor (H)Outdoor Courts
05/11/20222:30-3:45 PMMS Tennis vs. Roxbury Latin (H)Indoor Courts
05/13/20223:30-4:45 PMMS Tennis vs. Milton Academy (A)Milton Academy
05/17/20223:15-4:15 PMMS Tennis vs. DCD (H)Outdoor Courts
05/18/20223:15-4:30 PMMS Tennis vs. Dexter-Southfield (A)Dexter Southfield School
05/20/20224:00-5:15 PMMS Tennis vs. BB&N (H)Indoor Courts
05/25/20223:15-4:15 PMMS Tennis vs. Milton Academy (H)Indoor Courts
03/30/20222:00-3:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
03/31/20223:20-4:20 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/01/20222:45-3:15 PMMS TennisIndoor Courts 
04/04/20223:00-4:00 PMMS Tennis  
04/05/20223:00-4:00 PMMS Tennis  
04/06/20222:00-3:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/07/20223:20-4:20 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/08/20222:45-3:45 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/11/20223:00-4:00 PMMS Tennis  
04/12/20223:00-4:00 PMMS Tennis  
04/14/20223:20-4:20 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/15/20222:45-3:45 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/19/20223:00-4:00 PMMS Tennis  
04/22/20222:30-3:30 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/27/20222:00-3:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
04/28/20223:20-4:20 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/02/20223:00-4:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/03/20223:00-4:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/04/20222:00-2:30 PMMS Tennis Indoor Courts 
05/05/20223:20-4:20 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/09/20223:00-3:45 PMMS TennisIndoor Courts 
05/10/20223:00-4:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/12/20223:20-4:20 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/16/20223:00-4:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/19/20223:20-4:20 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 
05/24/20223:00-4:00 PMMS TennisOutdoor Courts 

04/13/2022The Fenn SchoolL  
04/20/2022Dana Hall SchoolW  
04/21/2022Beaver Country Day SchoolW  
04/26/2022Dedham Country Day 
05/04/2022Rivers School 
05/06/2022Winsor SchoolL  
05/11/2022Roxbury Latin SchoolL  
05/13/2022Milton AcademyL  
05/17/2022Dedham Country DayL  
05/18/2022Dexter Southfield School 
05/20/2022Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
05/25/2022Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Achebe, NnamdiFramingham7 
Cai, AlexNewton7 
Curran, GraceWellesley7 
Ding, YilingWestwood7 
Fynn-Thompson, JujuNeedham8 
Heller, JohannaNeedham7 
Hurlbut, LilaMarion8 
McDonagh, OrlaithNewtonville7 
Nalwaya, IndiraWellesley7 
Newman, MatthewNatick8 
Oliver-Martinez, MarleyBoston7 
Peloquin, LaurenDedham7 
Quan, FloraNeedham7 
Saha, RiyaWellesley Hills7 
Soto Sanchez, AlexaDedham8 
Wangari, JacintaBrockton8 
Weller, ChristianWellesley7