The JV volleyball team abides by the same tenets of the varsity squad. By employing a team-first mentality and a focus on the fundamentals of the game, the JV program aspires to prepare young women for the rigors of the varsity program. The coaches focus on infusing team-building and fun into intensive skill-building and league competition, ensuring not only improvement but also a genuine love of the game at the JV level.

09/14/20223:30-5:00 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Worcester Academy (A)Worcester Academy
09/21/20223:45-5:15 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Groton (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
09/24/20223:00-4:30 PMGJV Volleyball vs. St. Paul's (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
09/28/20223:45-5:15 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Andover (A)Andover
09/30/20224:30-6:00 PMGJV Volleyball vs. BB&N (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
10/03/20224:30-6:00 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Tabor (A)Tabor 
10/07/20224:15-5:30 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Thayer (A)Thayer Academy
10/08/20221:00-2:30 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Milton Academy (A)Milton Academy
10/14/20224:30-6:00 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Dana Hall (A)Dana Hall School
10/22/20223:00-5:00 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Middlesex (A)Middlesex
10/26/20223:15-4:45 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Governor's Academy (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
10/29/20221:30-3:00 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Lawrence Academy (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
11/04/20222:15-3:45 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Brooks (A)Brooks
11/09/20222:45-4:15 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Rivers (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
11/12/202210:30-12:00 PMGJV Volleyball vs. Milton Academy (H)MAC Rappaport Gym

09/14/2022Worcester Academy 
09/24/2022St. Paul's School, NH 
09/30/2022Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
10/07/2022Thayer Academy 
10/08/2022Milton Academy 
10/14/2022Dana Hall School 
10/26/2022Governor’s Academy 
10/29/2022Lawrence Academy 
11/09/2022Rivers School 
11/12/2022Milton Academy 

The roster for this team has not been finalized.