Middle schoolers develop mental and physical toughness through our wrestling program, and for many of them, get to learn a new sport that they pursue throughout their Nobles careers. The middle school program is a great place for those newer to wrestling to learn the sport. Those student-athletes are encourage and are moved along at a pace that works for their skill and comfort level. Those with more experience learn well from the individual attention from the coaches and really hone their technique and mental approach. In middle school wrestling, students compete against students from other schools who are their approximate size and skill level, ensuring everyone has a chance for success. The middle school program also attends more competitive tournaments, which are great learning experiences for all levels. 

01/13/20213:30-5:30 PMMS Wrestling vs. Belmont Hill, Fenn, Beaver Country Day (A)Belmont Hill, Fenn 
01/23/20218:30-3:00 PMMS Coed Wrestling vs. Fay Wrestling Tournament (H)Fay
01/27/20213:30-5:30 PMMS-Coed Wrestling Match vs. Fenn, LCA (H)The Fenn School
02/03/20213:30-5:30 PMMS-Coed Wrestling Match vs. Fessenden, Fay (H) 
02/10/20213:30-5:30 PMMS-Coed Wrestling Match vs. Beaver Country Day, Park (H)Beaver Country Day
02/17/20213:30-5:30 PMMS Wrestling vs. St. Sebastian's, Roxbury Latin (H)St. Sebastian’s School
02/27/20218:00-3:00 PMMS-Coed Wrestling Match vs. Fessenden (H)The Fessenden School

01/15/2020Belmont Hill, Fenn 
01/29/2020Belmont Hill 
02/05/2020Fessenden, Fay 
02/19/2020St. Sebastian's, Roxbury Latin 
02/29/2020Fessenden School 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Fai, JacksonNewton7 
Shumway, DiegoRoxbury8