All boys hockey coaches work to build strong, productive relationships with the young men whom they teach and coach. Every year the JV boys hockey program is a strong force in the JV ISL Hockey League and does a great job preparing the JV players for the varsity hockey level. Nobles Grads Ben McManama, Dave Costello and Dan McGoff lead this program with the help of B&G Director (and former College Hockey player) Mike McHugh. 
12/11/20195:00-6:15 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Lawrence Academy (A)Lawrence Academy
01/08/20203:30-5:00 PMBoys JV Hockey vs. Beaver Country Day (A)Walter Brown Arena
01/11/20203:30-5:15 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Milton Academy (H)Omni Rink
01/21/20207:15-8:45 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Dedham High School (H)Omni Rink
01/22/20204:30-6:00 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. St. George's (A)St. George's
01/25/20202:00-3:15 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Mass Mustangs (H)Omni Rink
01/29/20202:45-4:00 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. St. Sebastian's (H)Omni Rink
02/01/20201:15-2:30 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. St. Mark's (H)Omni Rink
02/08/20201:15-2:30 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Rivers (H)Omni Rink
02/11/20207:10-8:30 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Dedham High School (H)Omni Rink
02/21/20204:00-5:30 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Dexter-Southfield (H)Omni Rink
02/26/20203:30-4:45 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Governor's Academy (H)Omni Rink
02/29/202012:15-2:00 PMBoys JV Hockey Game vs. Milton Academy (A)Milton Academy
12/02/20194:10-5:10 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/03/20195:40-6:40 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/04/20193:30-5:00 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/05/20197:10-8:30 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/09/20194:10-5:30 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/10/20195:40-6:40 PMB & G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/07/20205:40-6:40 PMB & G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/09/20205:40-7:00 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/10/20204:10-5:10 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/13/20204:30-6:00 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/14/20205:10-6:20 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/15/20202:00-3:10 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/27/20204:10-5:10 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/28/20205:40-6:40 PMB&G HockeyOmni Rink 
01/30/20207:10-8:30 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/03/20204:10-5:10 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/04/20205:10-6:10 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/05/20202:00-3:00 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/06/20207:10-8:30 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/07/20204:30-5:20 PMCANCELLED: B&G JV Hockey CANCELLEDOmni Rink 
02/10/20204:10-5:10 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/12/20202:00-3:00 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/13/20205:20-6:40 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/19/20202:15-3:00 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/20/20207:10-8:30 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/24/20204:10-5:10 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/25/20205:40-6:40 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/27/20207:10-8:30 PMB&G JV HockeyOmni Rink 

12/11/2019Lawrence AcademyL 7 - 1 
01/11/2020Milton AcademyW 5 - 0 
01/11/2020Beaver CDSW 10 - 2 
01/21/2020Dedham High SchoolW 8 - 2 
01/22/2020St. George'sW 2 - 1 
01/25/2020Mass MustangsL 6 - 2 
01/29/2020St. Sebastian’s SchoolT 5 - 5 
02/01/2020St. Mark'sT 4 - 4 
02/08/2020RiversW 8 - 5 
02/11/2020Dedham High SchoolW 2 - 1 
02/21/2020Dexter Southfield 
02/26/2020Governor's Academy 
02/29/2020Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Balleani, MichaelWoburn11 
Barton, JackBrookline11 
Bianchi, JoeScituate11 
Charron, CameronWellesley10 
Emery, BenDedham11 
Gangi, JoshNorth Easton10 
Hughes, JackLexington10 
Laughlin, WillChestnut Hill9 
Lin, JeffreySharon10 
Liu, AJNeedham10 
Loeber, PaulWeston9 
McLane, WillHingham9 
O'Connor, SeanNewton10 
Szpak, NateNewton10 
Upton, BrodyDedham9 
Verma, SparshFranklin10 
Walsh, OwenHingham10