Similarly to the varsity program, the JV girls basketball program strives to create a safe and nurturing athletic environment which allows athletes to reach their full potential as basketball players while enjoying a fulfilling team experience. The JV team is coached by Kim Libby and each year is consistently one of the best teams in the ISL. The team plays an extremely competitive schedule with 17 ISL and non-ISL games, during its season. 
12/06/20194:00-5:30 PMGirls JV Basketball vs. Dana Hall (A)Dana Hall School
12/13/20194:30-6:00 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Beaver Country Day (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
01/11/202012:00-1:30 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Thayer Academy (A)Thayer Academy
01/17/20205:30-7:00 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Tabor (A)Tabor Academy
01/18/20202:00-4:00 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Brooks (A)Brooks
01/22/20203:30-5:00 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Middlesex (A)Middlesex
01/24/20205:00-6:30 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Lawrence Academy (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
01/25/20203:00-4:30 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Worcester Academy (A)Worcester Academy
02/05/20204:45-6:15 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. St. George's (A)St. George's
02/12/20203:45-5:15 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Groton (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
02/14/20205:00-6:30 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. BB&N (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
02/19/20203:30-5:00 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. St. Mark's (A)St. Mark's
02/21/20204:00-5:30 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Rivers (H)MAC Richardson
02/26/20203:15-4:45 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Governor's Academy (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
02/28/20204:30-6:00 PMGirls JV Basketball Game vs. Milton Academy (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
12/02/20193:30-5:00 PMGJV Basketball MAC Richardson 
12/03/20193:30-5:00 PMGJV Basketball MAC Richardson 
12/04/20192:45-4:00 PMGJV Basketball MAC Richardson 
12/05/20193:30-5:00 PMGJV Basketball MAC Richardson 
12/09/20193:30-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/10/20193:30-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/11/20192:00-3:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/07/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/08/20202:45-3:30 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/09/20203:00-4:10 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/10/20203:45-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/13/20203:45-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/21/20204:00-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/23/20203:45-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/27/20203:45-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/28/20203:45-5:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/29/20202:00-3:00 PMGJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/30/20203:30-4:45 PMGJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/03/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/04/20203:30-4:45 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/06/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/07/20203:15-4:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/10/20203:45-5:15 PMBJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/10/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/11/20203:45-5:15 PMBJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/11/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/13/20203:45-5:15 PMBJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/13/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/24/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/25/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/27/20203:45-5:15 PMGJV BasketballMAC Richardson 

01/11/2020Thayer AcademyL 30 - 23 
01/17/2020Tabor AcademyL 36 - 22 
01/18/2020BrooksL 34 - 22 
01/22/2020MiddlesexL 48 - 10 
01/24/2020Lawrence AcademyL 35 - 25 
01/24/2020Lawrence Academy 
01/25/2020Worcester AcademyL 33 - 19 
02/05/2020St. George'sW 26 - 16  
02/12/2020GrotonW 19 - 16 
02/14/2020BB&NW 37 - 19 
02/19/2020St. Mark'sL 40 - 37 
02/26/2020Governor's Academy 
02/28/2020Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Bao, EmilyMilton9 
Cadigan, ChrissyNeedham10 
Fynn-Thompson, BellaNeedham10 
Gavin, EllaMilton10 
Linberg, MacyWest Roxbury10 
Morrison, SydneyWayland10 
O'Connor, HayleyWellesley10 
Rodriguez, LeilaDedham10 
Stadhard, SkylarMattapan9 
Stevo, OliviaWellesley9