Nobles is proud of the work done by our coaches and student-athletes at the thirds level. This level seeks to give tremendous developmental work to young athletes looking to improve their skill base while playing a competitive schedule in the midst of a dynamic team atmosphere. Coach Roane dedicates his enthusiasm and love for the game to this team, allowing players of all levels to get out of the program what they set out to and more. He designs practice plans fit for his players with a range of abilities, and fosters an incredible sense of community and friendship on the court. 
The game schedule has not been finalized for this team.
12/02/20193:30-5:00 PMB3 & BJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/03/20193:30-5:00 PMB3 & BJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/04/20192:45-4:15 PMB3 & BJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/05/20193:30-5:00 PMB3 & BJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/06/20193:45-5:15 PMB3 & BJV BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/09/20193:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/10/20193:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/07/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/08/20202:30-3:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/09/20203:30-4:30 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/10/20203:45-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/13/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/14/20203:30-4:30 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/21/20203:45-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/23/20203:30-4:30 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/27/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/28/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/29/20202:00-3:00 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/30/20203:30-4:30 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/03/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/04/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/05/20202:00-3:00 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/06/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/10/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/11/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/13/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/19/20202:00-3:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/20/20203:30-4:30 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/24/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/25/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/27/20203:30-4:45 PMB3rd BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 

12/11/2019BrooksL 46 - 29

Brooks proved a tough opponent, particularly for the first game of the year.  No time to wallow in self-pity.  Next game is against Fenn.

12/13/2019Fenn School

Since it's so early in the season with little time to prepare, as we do each year, Coach Bradley and I mutually agree to use our game merely as a scrimmage.  Though we have eighteen players on Thirds and will utilize a game rotation from here on out, today's game will provide everyone with a chance to play.  

01/11/2020Selwyn HouseW 47 - 35

A big thanks to coaches Munzar and Boyle for making the yearly trip down from Montreal to tour the region and include Nobles on its schedule.  As usual, The House proved a tough opponent for our Nobles players.  However, despite the competitive spirit of the opposing team—and the efforts in particular of one player who dropped 30 points on us!—we held on for the win, duly representing team, school, and, of! 

01/15/2020Governor's AcademyW 40 - 32

Despite the inconsistent play on our end (Coach Moore and I were having fits!), overall, the final results were in our favor.  Will never forget the shot made at the end of the game from one of our friends on the opposing team.  Launched from beyond half court, the ball went through the net just as the final buzzer sounded.  The gym went crazy!  

01/17/2020Dexter SouthfieldW 31 - 24

Got off to a slow start and a rather dismal first half, as we found ourselves down 17-8.  Grateful for the Nobles Boys Hockey Team, who, out of nowhere, showed up to cheer us on during the second half.  Their energy and enthusiasm provided just the spark we needed, helping carry us to victory!

01/22/2020BB&NW 43 - 29

After another slow first half, we started shooting better and playing better help defense.  Smarter overall play on both ends of the court and a more assertive mindset helped facilitate an ever-increasing margin, which by game's end had reached double digits.

01/29/2020St. Sebastian’s SchoolL 41 - 27

As we approach the heart of our schedule, comprising a string of games against all boys schools, we knew we'd be in for a difficult contest.  St. Sebs, in fact, were who we thought they were!—athletic with a deep bench and multiple players who were quick and could shoot the rock.  In spite of this, our Nobles Thirds team experienced what was probably the hottest ten minutes of shooting in my tenure as coach, knocking down four three pointers, resulting in our opening the game with a 17-4 lead.  The game, however, proved a tale of two teams, with our going cold from the field during the second half.  If there's anything we need moving forward, it's more consistency.  Needless to say, we'll need everything going for us if we plan on beating Roxbury Latin in two days.  

01/31/2020Roxbury Latin SchoolL 41 - 23

Another tough loss to another tough team.  Unfortunately, we were never really in the game, as turnovers continued to plague us, hampering our efforts considerably against RL's formidable press.  Nevertheless, we had moments of positive play, characterized by an overall patient approach on offense and opportune drives to the hoop when seized and punctually asserted.  As always, we have much to address as we prepare for our next game—a rematch against St. Sebs later this week.  Should be exciting!

02/07/2020St. Sebastian’s SchoolL 55 - 27

We had another tough game against what happens to be, year-in and year-out, one of our toughtest opponents.  To the credit of our players, however, they worked hard and were earnest in their effort.  St. Sebs just had a bit too much size, which ultimately wore down our bigs.  On to Thayer!

02/12/2020Thayer AcademyW 56 - 28

Our most complete game of the year!  We got off to an auspicious start with some hard-nosed defense that led to easy buckets in transition.  Add to that some hot shooting and timely contritubtions off the bench, and you had the basic elements for success.  Our offense and defense sets are now well established.  Moving forward, it will just be a matter of remaining disciplined enough to take care of the little things—grabbing the ball with two hands, using pass fakes to open up passing lanes, and attacking the hoop on offense.  Stay tuned.

02/14/2020Roxbury Latin SchoolL 43 - 34

With a chance to avenge our earlier loss from two weeks ago, we went into hostile territory ready for battle.  Though the final score was not in our favor, we couldn't have asked more from our players in terms of effort.  Nine points was the closest we've come against Roxbury Latin in years, which bodes well with two games remaining on the schedule.

02/19/2020St. Mark'sW 39 - 34

A hot start from one of our captains set the table for what ended up being a very competitive game against the other team in blue and white—St. Mark's.  In fact, the game has been hyped up as the Annual Blue-and-White Game.  Our rushed shots, difficulty handling the press, and our inability to take care of the ball fueled what amounted to a furious comeback from our oppoent at the end.  Good thing we held on.

02/28/2020Milton AcademyL 38 - 31

And so...another season comes to a close.  We experienced a disappointing loss to our ultimate rival, Milton Academy, saving grace being a half-court shot made at the very end of the game, inspiring all our players to storm the court as if we'd won the ISL Championship.  An otherwise fitting tribute to a fine season, despite losing at the very end.  Thank you, players, families, and coaches.  On to next year!  Enjoy the spring!


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