Middle schoolers have the opportunity to challenge themselves athletically while building close ties to their classmates on boys middle school basketball. With fitness and fun built into practice, players develop their skills and athleticism and learn their potentials for being both great leaders and teammates.



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12/07/20223:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Belmont Hill (H) 
01/06/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Rivers (H) 
01/11/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Fenn (A)Fenn School
01/13/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Thayer (A)Thayer Academy
01/20/20234:15-5:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Fessenden (A)The Fessenden School
01/25/20233:00-4:15 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. St. Sebastian's (A)St. Sebastian’s School
01/27/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Roxbury Latin S 
02/01/20232:30-3:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Rivers (H)MAC Richardson
02/03/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. St. Sebastian'sMAC Richardson
02/08/20233:00-4:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Thayer Academy (A)Thayer Academy
02/10/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Roxbury Latin (H) 
02/15/20234:00-5:00 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. BTA (A)Boston Trinity Academy
02/22/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Derby (A)Derby
02/24/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Milton Academy (H) 
02/24/20234:15-5:15 PMMS Boys Basketball vs. Milton Academy (H) 
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
11/29/20223:00-4:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
11/30/20222:00-3:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/01/20223:20-4:20 PMBMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/02/20223:00-4:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/05/20223:00-4:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/05/20223:00-4:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/06/20223:00-4:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/07/20222:00-3:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/08/20223:20-4:20 PMBMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/09/20223:00-4:00 PMBMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 

12/07/2022Belmont Hill School 
01/06/2023Rivers School 
01/11/2023Fenn School 
01/13/2023Thayer Academy 
01/20/2023The Fessenden School 
01/25/2023St. Sebastian’s School 
01/27/2023Roxbury Latin School 
02/01/2023Rivers School 
02/03/2023St. Sebastian’s School 
02/08/2023Thayer Academy 
02/10/2023Roxbury Latin School 
02/15/2023Boston Trinity Academy 
02/24/2023Milton Academy 
02/24/2023Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Carvajal Kossnar, LucasBrookline8 
Cashman, TuckerHingham8 
Chen, EmmettNewton8 
Dawes, FarisNewton8 
Encarnacion, EthanBoston7 
Friedman, EitanWaban8 
Hall, ThomasDedham8 
Hamilton, HenryWest Newton7 
Hayden, CarsonRoslindale8 
Hazen, HenryBoston7 
Li, OliverHolliston8 
O'Neill, JamesonRockland8 
Robbins, SamDedham7 
Roumain, ZachDover8 
Schotland, KaiWestwood8 
Stookey, OliverBoston8 
Ulrich, AndersDedham7 
Velez, JoaquinBoston7 
Weller, ChristianWellesley8 
You, MichaelLexington7