The girls middle school basketball team prepares its players for the JV and varsity levels by facilitating skill development and personal growth. Each girl grows as an individual through the curriculum of fitness and fun competition, and the dynamic atmosphere of each day’s practice fosters a strong sense of togetherness throughout the team. 


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12/07/20223:00-4:00 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Rivers (A)Rivers School
01/06/20233:45-4:45 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Shady Hill (A)Shady Hill School
01/11/20233:00-4:15 PMCANCELLED: MS Girls Basketball vs. Thayer (H) CANCELLEDMAC Richardson
01/13/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Newton Country (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
01/20/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Fay (H)MAC Richardson
01/25/20233:45-4:45 PMCANCELLED: MS Girls Basketball vs. Winsor (H) CANCELLEDMAC Richardson
01/26/20233:45-4:45 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Beaver Country Day (A)Beaver Country Day School
01/28/20239:00-2:00 PMMS Girls Basketball (A) at NCDSNewton Country Day School
02/01/20234:30-5:30 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Dexter-Southfield (H)MAC Richardson
02/08/20233:15-4:15 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Newton Country Day (A)Newton Country Day School
02/10/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Thayer Academy (A)Thayer Academy
02/15/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Dana Hall (H)MAC Richardson
02/17/20233:45-4:45 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Rivers (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
02/22/20233:00-4:00 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Dana Hall (A)Dana Hall School
02/24/20233:30-4:30 PMMS Girls Basketball vs. Milton Academy (H)MAC Rappaport Gym
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
11/29/20223:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
11/30/20222:00-3:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/01/20223:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/02/20223:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/05/20223:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/05/20223:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
12/06/20223:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/08/20223:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
12/09/20222:45-3:15 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/04/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/05/20233:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/11/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS Basketball MAC Richardson 
01/18/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/19/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/23/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/24/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/25/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
01/26/20233:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
01/31/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/01/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/02/20233:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/03/20232:30-3:30 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/06/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/07/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/07/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/09/20233:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/10/20232:30-3:15 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/13/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/14/20233:00-4:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Richardson 
02/16/20233:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/17/20232:30-3:30 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 
02/22/20232:00-3:00 PMGMS BasketballMAC Fitness Center 
02/23/20233:20-4:20 PMGMS BasketballMAC Rappaport Gym 

12/07/2022Rivers SchoolW
01/06/2023Shady Hill SchoolW
01/11/2023Thayer Academy
01/13/2023Newton Country Day SchoolW
01/25/2023The Winsor School
01/26/2023Beaver Country Day School
01/28/2023Newton Country Day School
02/01/2023Dexter Southfield
02/08/2023Newton Country Day School
02/10/2023Thayer Academy
02/15/2023Dana Hall School
02/17/2023Rivers School
02/22/2023Dana Hall School
02/24/2023Milton Academy

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Abdulle, IkramBrighton8 
Allston Pujols, AliyahRandolph7 
Chukwu, AgaeziNatick8 
Frushour, EllaWest Roxbury7 
Gallagher, KennedyDedham7 
Hartford, AbbyHyde Park8 
Hassenstein, EmmaChestnut Hill7 
Hoffmeister, LexieWest Newton7 
Kalvelage, SophieDedham8 
Kumin, CoreyBoston8 
Lewis, NicoleWest Roxbury7 
Maley, PaytonMedfield8 
Mitchell, KiraChestnut Hill7 
Oloyede, BlessingHyde Park8 
Seck, SeynabouDedham8 
Shaff, SamanthaNeedham7 
Shelley, AlessiaJamaica Plain8 
Smith, JuliNorwood7 
Somerville, KateWellesley Hills7 
Struzziery, HelenaCohasset7 
Tabiri, MaameNewton8 
Train, RachelSharon8