All boys hockey coaches work to build strong, productive relationships with the young men whom they teach and coach. Every year the JV boys hockey program is a strong force in the JV ISL Hockey League and does a great job preparing the JV players for the varsity hockey level. Nobles Grads Ben McManama, Dave Costello and Dan McGoff lead this program with the help of B&G Director (and former College Hockey player) Mike McHugh. 


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12/07/20225:00-6:30 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. Lawrence Academy (H) CANCELLEDOmni Rink
01/07/202311:00-12:15 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. Milton (A) CANCELLEDMilton Academy
01/11/20234:00-5:30 PMBJV Hockey vs. Needham (A)St. Sebastian's School
01/18/20234:45-6:15 PMBJV Hockey vs. St. George's (H)Omni Rink
01/21/202311:00-12:30 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs.BB&N (A) CANCELLEDBuckingham Browne & Nichols School
01/25/20232:45-4:00 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. St. Sebastian's (A) CANCELLEDSt. Sebastian's School
01/28/20231:30-3:00 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. St. Mark's (A) CANCELLEDSt. Mark's
02/01/20233:30-5:00 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. Tabor (A)Tabor 
02/04/20231:30-3:00 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. Rivers (H)Omni Rink
02/07/20237:10-8:30 PMBJV Hockey vs. Beaver Counrty Day (H)Omni Rink
02/14/20237:10-8:30 PMBJV Hockey vs. Dedham HS JV (H)Omni Rink
02/17/20233:30-5:30 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. Dexter-Southfield (A)Dexter Southfield
02/22/20233:30-5:00 PMCANCELLED: BJV Hockey vs. Governor's Academy (A)Governor's Academy
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
11/28/20225:40-6:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/29/20227:10-8:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/01/20223:50-4:50 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/05/20225:40-6:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/06/20227:10-8:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/06/20234:10-5:00 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/13/20233:50-4:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/17/20237:10-8:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/19/20233:30-4:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/23/20235:40-6:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/24/20237:10-8:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/26/20233:45-4:50 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/27/20235:00-5:50 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
01/31/20237:10-8:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/06/20235:40-6:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/08/20232:00-3:00 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/09/20233:50-4:50 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/10/20233:40-4:30 PMBJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/13/20235:40-6:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/15/20233:10-4:10 PMBJV Hockey  
02/17/20233:55-4:55 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
02/23/20233:50-4:50 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 

12/07/2022Lawrence Academy
01/07/2023Milton Academy
01/11/2023Needham High School
01/18/2023St. George's
01/21/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
01/25/2023St. Sebastian's School
01/28/2023St. Mark's
02/04/2023Rivers School
02/07/2023Beaver Country Day School
02/17/2023Dexter Southfield
02/22/2023Governor's Academy

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Baeck, AndyNewton9 
Cai, AlanNewton11 
Cheng, AlexWellesley9 
Crowe, KeeganHopkinton10 
Dunne, RyanDedham10 
Ellis, GrahamDover11 
Gray, DevinWellesley11 
Rose, AlanWeston11 
Rose, TeddyWeston9 
Train, EthanSharon10