Girls JV hockey welcomes skaters of all skill levels onto the ice for an experience characterized by a lively team dynamic and electric competition. Each player builds skating strength, stick skills, and hockey sense throughout the season while being a member of a fun-loving team. Students from all hockey backgrounds and grades are welcome, and we met every player where they are at. Our season is filled with games where everyone gets a lot of playing time and we get to see their new skills in action. 



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12/07/20223:15-4:45 PMGJV Hockey vs. Lawrence Academy (H)Omni Rink
01/04/20233:15-5:00 PMGJV Hockey vs. Dexter Southfield (H)Omni Rink
01/07/20231:00-2:30 PMGJV Hockey vs. Exeter (H)Omni Rink
01/11/20233:15-5:45 PMGJV Hockey vs. St. Mark's (H)Omni Rink
01/20/20234:00-5:30 PMGJV Hockey vs. Dana Hall (H)Omni Rink
01/25/20232:45-4:00 PMGJV Hockey vs. Tabor (H)Omni Rink
01/28/20232:00-3:30 PMGJV Hockey vs. St. Paul's (H)Omni Rink
02/01/20234:30-6:00 PMGJV Hockey vs. St. George's (A)St. George's
02/04/20234:00-5:15 PMGJV Hockey vs. Brooks (A)Brooks
02/08/20233:15-4:30 PMGJV Hockey vs. Dana Hall (A)Boston Sports Institute
02/10/20235:45-7:15 PMGJV Hockey vs. Andover (A)Andover
02/15/20234:30-6:00 PMGJV Hockey vs. BB&N (H)Omni Rink
02/22/20234:45-6:15 PMGJV Hockey vs. Governor's Academy (H)Omni Rink
02/25/202310:30-12:00 PMGJV Hockey vs. Milton Academy (H)Omni Rink
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
11/28/20225:40-6:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/29/20227:10-8:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/01/20223:50-4:50 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/05/20225:40-6:40 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/06/20227:10-8:30 PMBJV & GJV HockeyOmni Rink 

12/07/2022Lawrence Academy 
01/04/2023Dexter Southfield School 
01/11/2023St. Mark's 
01/20/2023Dana Hall School 
01/25/2023Tabor Academy 
01/28/2023St. Paul's School, NH 
02/01/2023St. George's 
02/08/2023Dana Hall School 
02/15/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
02/22/2023Governor's Academy 
02/25/2023Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Cashman, BrookeHingham9 
DeTuccio, IsabelBelmont9 
Falkson, NinaDedham12 
Farb, LeahChestnut Hill9 
Finkelstein, EmmaWellesley9 
Gardiner, ElizaConcord12 
Gordon, RileyWest Newton9 
Hughes, IzzieWellesley9 
Hurlbut, LilaMarion9 
Jennings, CarolineWellesley11 
Jeppson, ChloeChestnut Hill9 
Laughlin, HadleyChestnut Hill10 
Lee, SophiaBoston11 
Majernik, SophieWellesley Hills12 
McNealy, EmmaNatick11 
Moore, NittyWellesley12 
Moxley, TessJamaica Plain9 
Munger, SierraDedham9 
Penzone, LilyLexington12 
Santry, JuliaWaban10 
Schelter, SophieWest Roxbury11 
Smink, TierneyDedham11 
Sweeny, MacyDedham11 
Taylor, RoryDedham10 
Trinque, BeaBrookline9 
Wildeman, ClaraBraintree9