Girls varsity hockey has enjoyed considerable success since its inception in 1971. In the past fourteen years, Nobles has won fourteen Independent School League (ISL) titles, has qualified each year for New England Prep School Girls Ice Hockey Association (NEPSGIHA) Division I Tournament, and has won six NEPSGIHA titles. In addition to the varsity, Nobles supports a JV team and a middle school co-ed team. Nobles hockey focuses on developing skills, having fun, and being a great teammate. Practices are designed to teach and improve individual skills and team play and include a lot of small games to model what happens in games and to create a competitive and fun atmosphere. As a team member, each girl must put the team’s interest above her own. 


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11/14/20223:45-5:00 PMGV Hockey - OPEN ICEOmni Rink 
11/15/20223:30-4:45 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/18/20226:00-8:00 PM GV Hockey vs. Shattuck-St. Mary's (H)Omni Rink
11/23/20229:00-11:00 AMGV Hockey vs. NAHA (H)Omni Rink
11/30/20225:30-7:30 PMGV Hockey vs. New Hampton (H)Omni Rink
12/03/20222:00-4:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Loomis Chaffee (A)Loomis Chafee School
12/07/20223:45-5:45 PMGV Hockey vs. St. Mark's (A)St. Mark's
12/10/20224:00-6:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Choate (H)Omni Rink
12/16/20221:30-3:30 PMGV Hockey vs. Westminister (A)Milton Academy
12/17/20228:30-10:30 AMGV Hockey vs. Buckingham Browne & Nichols - Harrington Tourney(H)Omni Rink
12/17/20224:30-6:30 PMGV Hockey vs.Williston (H)Omni Rink
12/18/202212:00-12:00 AMGV Hockey vs. Harrington Tournament (A)Milton Academy
01/04/20235:00-7:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Dexter Southfield School (H)Omni Rink
01/06/20236:30-8:30 PMGV Hockey vs. Hotchkiss School (A)Hotchkiss School
01/07/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Kent School (A)Kent School 
01/09/20235:15-7:15 PMGV Hockey vs. Rivers (H)Omni Rink
01/11/20234:30-6:30 PMGV Hockey vs. Middlesex (A)Middlesex
01/13/20235:00-7:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Austin Prep (H)Omni Rink
01/14/20234:00-6:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Berkshire (H)Omni Rink
01/18/20235:00-7:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Winchendon (A)Winchendon School 
01/21/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Exeter (H)Omni Rink
01/25/20234:30-6:30 PMGV Hockey vs. Lawrence Academy (A)Lawrence Academy
01/28/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Hockey vs. St. Paul's (A)St. Paul's School, NH
02/01/20233:15-5:15 PMGV Hockey vs. St. George's (H)Omni Rink
02/03/20235:00-7:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Cushing Academy (A)Cushing Academy
02/04/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Brooks (A)Brooks
02/08/20233:15-5:15 PMGV Hockey vs. Groton (H)Omni Rink
02/10/20236:15-8:15 PMGV Hockey vs. BB&N (A)Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
02/11/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Hill School (H)Omni Rink
02/15/20234:45-6:15 PMGV Hockey vs. Andover (A)Andover
02/17/20235:30-7:30 PMGV Hockey vs. Thayer Academy (H)Omni Rink
02/18/20233:30-5:30 PMGV Hockey vs. Tabor (A)Tabor Academy
02/22/20235:15-7:15 PMGV Hockey vs. Governor's Academy (H)Omni Rink
02/25/20232:00-4:00 PMGV Hockey vs. Milton Academy (H)Omni Rink
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
11/16/20223:45-6:00 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/17/20224:00-6:00 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/19/20221:00-3:15 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/21/20223:30-5:45 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/22/20226:00-8:15 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/28/20224:10-5:30 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
11/29/20225:40-7:00 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/01/20226:30-8:20 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/02/20223:55-5:15 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/05/20224:10-5:30 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/06/20225:40-7:00 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/08/20226:10-8:00 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/09/20223:30-4:50 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/12/20221:30-2:30 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/13/20223:15-5:00 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/14/20222:45-4:15 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/15/202212:30-2:15 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/30/202211:30-1:00 PMGV HockeyOmni Rink 
12/31/202210:30-11:30 AMGV HockeyOmni Rink 

11/18/2022Shattuck St. Mary’s School 
11/23/2022North American Hockey Academy 
11/30/2022New Hampton 
12/03/2022Loomis Chafee School 
12/07/2022St. Mark's 
12/10/2022Choate Rosemary Hall 
12/16/2022Westminster School 
12/17/2022Williston Northampton School 
12/17/2022Buckingham Browne & Nichols 
12/18/2022Harrington Tournament 
01/04/2023Dexter Southfield School 
01/06/2023Hotchkiss School 
01/07/2023Kent School 
01/09/2023Rivers School 
01/13/2023Austin Preparatory School 
01/18/2023Winchendon School 
01/25/2023Lawrence Academy 
01/28/2023St. Paul's School, NH 
02/01/2023St. George's 
02/03/2023Cushing Academy 
02/10/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
02/11/2023Hill School 
02/17/2023Thayer Academy 
02/18/2023Tabor Academy 
02/22/2023Governor's Academy 
02/25/2023Milton Academy 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Albright, SageChestnut Hill10 
Brown, CalleighFoxborough10 
Cerruti, CaliNorwell12 
Gray, AinsleyWellesley11 
Griswold, JaimeConcord11 
Hulbig, GrettaFoxboro9 
Jaeger, MaddieWestwood9 
Keaveney, AddyWestwood9 
Krepelka, MaddieArlington11 
Levering, SophiaWestwood11 
Loeber, AshleyWeston9 
Loeber, MeghanWeston11 
Mabardy, EllieWinchester12 
MacCurtain, MollyReading10 
MacDonald, MaddieWeston11 
Maffeo, OliviaCanton11 
Manning, BrookeMarshfield12 
Mead, LaneyBedford10 
O'Connor, ClareNewton12 
Seeman, LuluWeston11 
Spring, AnnieConcord10 
Teplow, ElizaMashpee12 
Ward, CarlyDedham12 
Zhao, RachelWellesley9 
Zupkofska, AnyaBraintree11