The JV boys squash team has been a strong team in the ISL in recent years. Coached by Gary Gargan, the team works to teach novice players about squash and improve skilled sub-varsity players. The JV team plays 14 season games against ISL and non-ISL opponents. 


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12/10/20222:30-3:00 PMBJV Squash vs. Andover, St. Sebastian's (A)Andover
01/06/20234:45-6:45 PMBJV Squash vs. St. Mark's (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/18/20234:30-6:00 PMBJV Squash vs. St. George's (A)St. George's
01/25/20235:30-7:00 PMBJV Squash vs Milton Academy (H)MAC Squash Courts
01/28/20231:00-3:00 PMBJV Squash vs. Exeter (A)Exeter
02/01/20233:30-5:00 PMBJV Squash vs. Tabor (A)Tabor Academy
02/04/20233:30-5:30 PMBJV Squash vs. Belmont Hill (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/06/20234:00-5:30 PMBJV Squash vs. St. Sebastian's (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/08/20233:00-4:30 PMBJV Squash vs. Brooks (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/15/20233:45-5:45 PMBJV Squash vs. Groton (A)Groton
02/22/20233:30-5:30 PMBJV Squash vs. Middlesex (H)MAC Squash Courts
02/24/20233:30-4:45 PMBJV Squash vs. St. Sebastian's (A)St. Sebastian’s School
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
11/28/20224:45-6:15 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/29/20223:30-5:00 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
11/30/20224:00-5:30 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/01/20224:55-6:15 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/02/20223:30-5:00 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/05/20224:45-6:15 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/06/20223:30-5:00 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/07/20222:30-3:30 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/08/20224:00-5:00 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 
12/09/20224:45-6:15 PMBJV SquashMAC Squash Courts 

12/10/2022St. Sebastian's School 
01/06/2023St. Mark's 
01/18/2023St. George's 
01/25/2023Milton Academy 
02/01/2023Tabor Academy 
02/04/2023Belmont Hill School 
02/06/2023St. Sebastian’s School 
02/24/2023St. Sebastian’s School 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Burstein, OliverWellesley10 
Govindarajan, PranavHolliston11 
Gu, YisenBoston11 
Hari Madhav, AmritDover9 
Harrington, OwenSouthborough10 
Hernández, TomásBoston9 
Hesp, WillBelmont11 
Humphrey, AndrewWaban9 
Ilzarbe, LucasMilton9 
Kulkarni, VedantChestnut Hill9 
Marvi, SerhanNewton9 
Menon, KrishnanWaban10 
Newman, MatthewNatick9 
Pinisetti, RohinBelmont10 
Qin, JerryWinchester11 
Salamipour, RayanBoston9 
Seetharam, NayanBoston9 
Shih, CorbanWaban11 
Van Otterloo, EricMarblehead9