All levels of wrestlers practice together and are led by the same coaches: Charles Danhof, Steve Jordan, Kevin Gerhart, Kirk Gosik, Gregg Martino. In practice and during competition, the coaches stress essential qualities such as hard work, discipline, honesty, independence, and responsibility for one’s actions. In addition, they emphasize the team aspect of wrestling, sportsmanship, and respect for others. By working with these knowledgeable, supportive coaches and learning from more experienced varsity wrestlers, the JV wrestlers improve their skills and prepare to compete at the varsity level, something the coaches strive for every year. Given the ability to insert different wrestlers into the varsity lineup, the coaches aim to give every wrestler a chance to compete at the varsity level at some point during the season. On top of that, during most competitions, we run exhibition matches with other JV level wrestlers, and we take JV wrestlers to JV Jamborees. In short, we want all wrestlers to compete and to have the chance to show off their skills in competition. 

The game schedule has not been finalized for this team.

12/03/2022Lawrence Academy 
12/17/2022Beast of the East 
01/07/2023Phillips Academy Andover 
01/18/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
01/20/2023Greens Farms Academy 
01/21/2023St. Paul’s 
01/21/2023Brunswick Tournament 
01/25/2023Belmont Hill School 
01/27/2023Roxbury Latin School 
01/28/2023St. Mark's, Governor's, Tabor