Wrestling, one of Nobles’ oldest sports, was started by the legendary Wilbur Storer in 1947. Since then, Nobles has produced many Graves-Kelsey and New England Champions, as well as National Prep School place winners and a national champion. However, individual accomplishments and team record are secondary to more lofty goals. Past wrestlers contact us yearly to tell us that wrestling played a significant role in their development as a person. In practice and during competition, we stress hard work, discipline, and responsibility for one’s actions. In addition, we emphasize the team aspect of wrestling, sportsmanship, and respect for others. Although the sport of wrestling is challenging, we create an environment which is supportive for experienced wrestlers and novices alike.


Directions for accessing individual match results.

  1. Go to www.trackwrestling.com
  2. Go to the browse section, located top middle with the magnifying glass.
  3. Select seasons.
  4. Select 2022-2023 High School Boys
  5. Select National Preps.
  6. Search ‘team names’ and type in Noble (or Noble & Greenough School).
  7. From there, you can search all individual match results.

In addition, many tournament results and other information can be found on these sites: https://arena.flowrestling.org/  - http://neiswa.com/ - https://www.nationalprepwrestling.org/






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12/03/20223:30-5:00 PMV Wrestling vs. Lawrence Academy (A)Lawrence Academy
12/07/20224:15-6:15 PMV Wrestling vs. Middlesex (A) @ TaborTabor 
12/10/20221:00-6:00 PMV Wrestling vs. Avon Holiday Duals Avon Old Farms School
12/17/20228:00-8:00 PMV Wrestling vs. Battle on the Bay (A)Tabor Academy
01/07/202312:00-2:00 PMV Wrestling vs St. Sebastian's (A)St. Sebastian's School
01/11/202312:00-12:00 AMV Wrestling vs. Adover Duals (Female Only) (A)Andover
01/11/20233:30-5:30 PMV Wrestling vs. Andover (H)MAC Wrestling Rm
01/14/202312:00-6:00 PMV Wrestling vs. Milton, Brooks & Tabor (A)Tabor 
01/18/20233:30-5:30 PMV Wrestling vs. BB&N (A) @ RLRoxbury Latin School
01/21/202312:00-12:00 AMV Wrestling vs. Brunswick Tournament (A)Brunswick School 
01/25/20234:30-6:30 PMV Wrestling vs. Belmont Hill (A)Belmont Hill School
01/27/20236:00-8:00 PMV Wrestling vs. NMHMAC Richardson
01/28/20232:00-6:00 PMV Wrestling vs. St. Mark's, Tabor, Govs & Thayer MAC Richardson
01/29/202312:00-12:00 AMV Wrestling vs Phillips Andover Girls Tournament (A)Phillips Academy Andover
02/01/202312:00-12:00 AMV Wrestling vs Middlesex - Girls Only (A)Middlesex
02/04/202312:00-12:00 AMV Wrestling vs. BLA, LCA, Central Catholic (A)Lexington Christian Academy
02/11/20239:00-5:00 PMV Wrestling vs. Graves Kelsey (A)Buckingham Browne & Nichols
02/17/20232:00-8:00 PMV Wrestling vs. Prep New Englands (A) @ AndoverPhillips Academy Andover
02/18/20239:00-6:00 PMV Wrestling vs. Prep New Englands (A) @ AndoverPhillips Academy Andover
02/24/20239:00-6:00 PMV Wrestling vs Nationals (A)Nationals Upper Show Place Arena
02/25/20239:00-6:00 PMV Wrestling vs Nationals (A)Nationals Upper Show Place Arena
06/01/20228:00-9:00 AMTest MS Wrestling Practice  
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
11/16/20222:15-4:15 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/17/20224:00-6:00 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/18/20223:30-5:30 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/19/20229:00-11:00 AMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/21/20223:40-5:40 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/22/20223:40-5:40 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/23/20229:30-11:30 AMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/28/20223:40-5:40 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/29/20223:40-5:40 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
11/30/20222:15-4:15 PMV Wrestling  
12/01/20224:00-6:00 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/02/20223:30-5:30 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/05/20223:40-5:40 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/06/20223:40-5:40 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/08/20224:00-6:00 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/09/20223:30-5:30 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/12/20222:15-3:15 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/13/20222:15-4:15 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/14/20222:15-4:15 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/15/20222:15-4:15 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/16/20222:15-4:15 PMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/27/20229:00-11:00 AMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/28/20229:00-11:00 AMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/29/20229:00-11:00 AMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 
12/30/20229:00-11:00 AMV WrestlingMAC Wrestling Rm 

12/03/2022Lawrence Academy 
12/17/2022Battle on the Bay 
01/07/2023St. Sebastian's School 
01/14/2023Milton, Brooks & Tabor 
01/18/2023Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
01/21/2023Brunswick Tournament 
01/25/2023Belmont Hill School 
01/27/2023Northfield Mount Hermon School 
01/28/2023St. Mark's, Governor's, Tabor, Thayer 
01/29/2023Phillips Academy Andover 
02/04/2023Lexington Christian Academy 
02/11/2023Graves Kelsey 
02/17/2023Prep New Englands 
02/18/2023Prep New Englands 
02/24/2023Nationals Upper Show Place Arena 
02/25/2023Nationals Upper Show Place Arena 

 NameTownGradeJersey No.
Anderson, ColinWeston11 
Badia, NicoCohasset11 
Bina, AidinNewton11 
Bloch, ColbyWest Newton11 
Carson, ForrestHolland11 
Fai, JacksonNewton9 
Fuqua, MeganMedfield12 
Gatnik, LydiaMilton12 
Hall, CharlieWeston11 
Jean-Gilles, NathanaelFranklin9 
Kasparyan, GeorgeSouthborough11 
Lin, GavinDover10 
Loose, MatthewWellesley11 
Madu, EkeneMattapan9 
Marvi, AltanNewton10 
Murphy, RyanDedham9 
Myers, BenWeston10 
Nordahl, EmeryWestwood9 
Pham, MyAnhWellesley11 
Rosa, NinaChelsea10 
Rose, AlastairNeedham11 
Shumway, DiegoRoxbury10 
Steele, MackieWellesley11 
Strik, JamesWeston9 
Wang, CharlesBoston12 
Winslow, NateNeedham11