The boys’ lacrosse team competes in the Independent School League with a challenging out of league schedule. Every year, the team competes against some of the top teams in North America. In the recent past, these teams have included Hill Academy, IMG and Torrey Pines. Nobles has won the ISL Championship five times, most recently in 2022, and 2018, as well as back to back titles in ’05 and ’06. Over the past 15 years, the varsity team has been successful and consistent, finishing in the top three of the ISL every year that they did not win the championship. The JV and middle school teams have done a great job developing young talent by working on teaching the fundamentals of the game and supplying the varsity with polished lacrosse players.



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03/21/20233:00-5:00 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Blue & White (H)TURF
03/24/20234:30-6:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. McDonogh School (A)Mcdonogh School 
03/25/20234:30-6:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Deerfield (A)Deerfield Academy
03/29/20235:30-7:00 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Salisbury (A) Salisbury School
04/01/20231:00-3:00 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Governors (H)TURF
04/05/20233:30-5:00 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Brewster (H)TURF
04/08/20234:15-6:15 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Brooks (A)Brooks
04/12/20233:30-5:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Rivers (A)Rivers School
04/15/20233:00-4:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Thayer (A)Thayer Academy
04/19/20233:45-5:45 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Groton (A)Groton
04/22/20234:30-6:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. LawerenceTURF
04/26/20233:00-4:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Tabor (H)TURF
04/29/20232:30-4:00 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Middlesex (H)TURF
05/03/20235:00-6:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. St. Mark's (H)TURF
05/06/20232:00-3:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. St. George's (A)St. George's
05/10/20234:30-6:00 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Belmont Hill (H)TURF
05/13/20232:00-3:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. St. Sebs (A)St. Sebastian's School
05/17/20235:15-7:15 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Milton (H)TURF
05/19/20235:00-7:00 PMGV Lacrosse vs. Tabor (H)TURF
05/20/202312:00-2:00 PMBV Lacrosse vs. St. Seb's (H)TURF
05/21/20232:30-4:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Governor's (A)Belmont Hill School
05/24/20233:45-5:45 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Exeter (H) 
05/26/20236:00-7:30 PMBV Lacrosse vs. Milton Academy (H)TURF
09/01/202212:00-12:00 AMDummy Practice For Athletic Calendar  
09/01/20228:00-9:00 AMAthletics Calendar Fake Event  
03/07/20234:45-6:00 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/08/20232:00-4:00 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/09/20234:30-6:00 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/20/20238:00-10:30 AMBV LaxTURF 
03/20/20239:00-10:45 AMBV LaxTURF 
03/20/20231:30-3:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/21/202310:00-12:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/22/20238:00-10:30 AMBV LaxTURF 
03/22/20232:00-4:00 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/27/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/28/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/30/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
03/31/20233:30-5:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/04/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/06/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxOn Campus 
04/07/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/10/20233:30-5:30 PMBV Lax  
04/11/20233:45-5:30 PMBV Lax  
04/13/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/14/20233:30-5:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/18/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/20/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/21/20233:30-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/24/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/25/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/25/20233:45-5:30 PMBV Lax  
04/27/20233:30-4:45 PMBV LaxTURF 
04/28/20233:30-5:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/02/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/02/20233:45-5:30 PMBV Lax  
05/04/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/05/20233:00-4:30 PMBJV LaxNobles-Wayne Field 
05/05/20233:45-5:00 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/08/20233:30-4:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/09/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/11/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/12/20233:00-4:00 PMBV laxTURF 
05/15/20233:30-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/16/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/18/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/19/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/22/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/23/20233:45-5:30 PMBV LaxTURF 
05/25/20234:30-6:15 PMBV LaxTURF 

03/24/2023Mcdonogh School
03/25/2023Deerfield Academy
03/29/2023Salisbury School
04/01/2023Governor's Academy
04/12/2023Rivers School
04/15/2023Thayer Academy
04/22/2023Lawrence Academy
05/03/2023St. Mark's
05/06/2023St. George's
05/10/2023Belmont Hill School
05/13/2023St. Sebastian's School
05/17/2023Milton Academy
05/20/2023St. Sebastian's School
05/21/2023Governor's Academy
05/26/2023Milton Academy

The roster for this team has not been finalized.