Kim Libby
At Nobles since 2013

Titles: Assistant Head of the Upper School; Class I Dean; English Faculty
Sport(s): Basketball Girls JV
Phone Number: 781-320-7159
You might want to have text wrap around an image on your webpage along with a paragraph. You can have the text align to the left or to the right of the image. The text can not wrap around an image in the center. You can also include spacing using CSS margins and a border using CSS border code. Below on this page is code you can copy and paste onto your html webpages to have a wrapping text image. Margins can be set for top, right, bottom and left and can be as much spacing as you would like. Spacing around the image may be uneven in some cases. You may need to experiment with the size of the image and amount of css margin spacing to use depending on your text size.