Amadou Seck
At Nobles since 2000

Titles: Modern Language - French Faculty
Sport(s): Soccer Boys JV
Phone Number: 781-320-7186

I came to Nobles in 1999 first as an Amity Scholar before I was hired full time in September 2000. I started coaching the Boys 3rds Soccer team for a couple of years. I have spent most of my years at Nobles coaching the Boys JV team. Prior to Nobles, I played in High School and in my local team back in Senegal. As a fast winger with nifty dribbling skills, I never missed an opportunity to help my local neigborhood team compete throughout the region. I briefly played at the Cheikh Anta Diop University before emigrating to England, then to the USA. Before taking over the Boys JV team, I successfully completed the Regional Coaching Diploma in New Jersey in 2005. For several years, I coached the Senegalese team in Rhode Island and helped them win the title in 2015 in a league of more than 20 International teams.

Since 2005, I have been serving as the Boys JV Head Coach. Soccer is one of my biggest passions and one of my favorite extracurricular activity at Nobles. My passion for everything Arsenal FC and my love for the game have helped me adopt a coaching philosophy designed to get the very best out of my players. I love attacking soccer, and I take a lot of pride in channeling in my pedagogy some models from the London team. I believe in preparing my players for good possession of the ball and a control of the rhythm of the game. While it is important at this level to be competitive and successful, my goal with this team is to have fun and respect the game and the opponent.