Mark Sheeran
At Nobles since 1997

Titles: Modern Language Faculty
Sport(s): Cross Country Girls Varsity
Phone Number: 781-320-7187
Mark Sheeran has been coaching cross-country at Nobles for 17 years and previously coached for 3 years at Mounds Park Academy in St. Paul, MN and the Wheeler School in Providence for 8 years. An avid runner who participates in ultra marathons, he works at varying the workouts for the runners from hills, to speed workouts, to moderate distance with pickups to a weekly cross-training session of spinning at a local health club. Coaching Philosophy: Creating an atmosphere where all the runners consider themselves to be one, where the emphasis is on the sisterhood and where they understand that no one runner is greater than the team and that the team is not bigger than the sport. Coaching Tenure/Playing experience: 35 years coaching cross country. 22 years at Nobles. Ran cross country in college.